How punish crouch tech!

What is the best move to use to catch people who crouch tech?!

I’m still a newb when it comes to counterhit and frame trap setups, but I always find that a semi “loose” crouching medium punch x2 always catches people pressing buttons, or a crouching medium punch followed by a crouching jab works well too. You can follow both with a sweep for an easy hard knockdown. Another good one is following a jumping attack with a slight walk forward into crouching short and then combo into whatever you want.

I tend to shy away from frame traps online though against people who have quick reversals that are easy to mash.

I’m sure a more experienced Ryu can help you better and go more in depth…like I said, this is something I’m just now exploring.

Can someone post all of Ryus frame traps and tech traps? Apparently they are two different things according to Justin Wong’s eventhubs article but he didn’t explain the difference. I pretty much do jab jab mp not even sure if thats good I just dont know anything else.

A tech trap is basically just a frame trap designed to beat a characters crouch tech.

Frame trapping is difficult, because everyone presses their buttons at different times, and they can change it up depending on what frame traps you’re using. You need to just trying different timings and normals until they get hit. Generally, you’ll want to start out leaving small gaps for them to press buttons, and gradually wait longer and longer each time you try.

Use your frame traps!

I’m not digging into the frame data stuff, and i think it’ll be more understandable for newcomers on the competitive play; but if you want to go deeper in the knowledge behind it, i recommend VesperArcade, Air’s Ryu channel, Air-Behr Dojo and other YouTube stuff you can find out there. Basically, a frame trap is when you create a “gap” between your strings (sucession of attacks in your opponent’s block), that this gap is sufficiently large to permit your opponent to initiate a move (cr.LK, in the case of a standard crouch tech) and your attack will intercept it in the startup (when the animation is starting but the attack per se is still not active); this will probably score you a counter-hit if it was made well and if you used the right frame trap.

A cool frame trap for Ryu, mainly for 4f cr.LKs, is: cr.LP > cr.LP > cr.HP xx Hadouken. Keep it simple and safe until you understand completely all the ins and outs of doing frame traps. Never use too much frame traps on opponents who likes to mash DPs, or you will end eating free ultras agains’t most experienced players. cr.MP > cr.MK, cr.LP > st.HK up close (excellent to destroy focus backdash attempts too; kinda of an OS if you ask me) works well as frame traps too, and when you start to react more natural to the counter hits, cr.MP > cr.MK is a fairly good way to score some cr.MK xx Shanku > U1.

Hope my post is comprehensive.

For frame traps different normals work best against different characters. E.g is best against balrog and Dudley cos it can make head butt and dash punches whiff, the reach and active frames will also counter short swing blow or whatever that fucking stupid move Dudley players like to mash on wakeup is called., cl.hp and cr.hp should be used on viper because they beat burn kick and trade with her dp. For Cody and bison ex tatsu beat almost all their options. For best results channel the spirit of daigo and frame trap with hp dp. daigo does this a lot against people who tech with jab, probably because if the dp is inputed 3 frames after the opponent wakes up, then because you sacrifice your last frame in the throw tech window to successfully perform a jab-tech, the dp becomes active on the 6th to cover all teachable frames, it also beats adons reversal dp and back dash. On the other hand maybe he does it because YOLO SWAG

How exactly do you frame trap Cody and Bison with ex tatsu is it like 2x cr. jab then ex tatsu? Is it possible to frame trap them without meter? Their damn cr.lks seem to beat everything except for dp or course but I do not have yolo swag I like to play safe.

Best way to land a frame trap on bison it to jump with hp or hk when he doesn’t have meter and at an angle where it’s difficult for him to AA. Bison beats ryu on the ground anyway some sometimes it can be a calculated risk. a safe jump with is like +12, so a regular jump will be about +8 or +11 with j.hp. In sf4 with frame traps u should use the advantage you get to force the opponent to play defensively so you can walk up (or just sit there) and delay a normal or special to catch the start up of their crouch tech or stand tech since stand techs are arguably more safe than crouch techs anyway.

Yes, its possible to frame trap them without meter. With a frame trap you’re meant to be hitting the start up of their normal - a 3f cant beat anything at all if you’ve caught it in start up. The reason to use an ex tatsu on cody and bison is cause it beats ex zonk, regualr zonk backdash U2 and I think criminal upper although I’m not 100%,. On bison it beats his ex psycho, ex scissors and backdash, it causes bisons lk to whiff although because you’re meant to be counter-hitting him, that should only come into play if you’ve misjudged which frame he want to tech on. Obvs ex tatsu is throw inv too so thats another option covered on everyone.

In all honestly if you’re thinking about frame traps in a way where you have to do a cr.lp or some fast normal beforehand, in sf4 with ryu you’re doing it wrong. If you have to do a jab to preface a frame trap (especially on someones wakeup) then you’re doing two things:

  1. You’re giving your opponent two different opportunities in which to hit you with a dp (wake up dp would hit the jab and a dp after the jab would hit whatever normal or special you were using to frame trap.
  2. The jab pushes you back, meaning you’re limiting your damage potential and making it a worse mixup because after the jab some players will four button tech, and because of the extra distance YOU created by doing a jab, it makes those kind of techs much harder to punish.

The only advantage doing a jab or before you’re frame trapping someone is the tiny amount of meter you build by making them block it.

My advice is knock them down with a sweep, throw or combo (Now you’re at plus, so they will play defensive now) then do a solar plexus that becomes active on the frame they’re teching on - like in this vid. It combos on a trade too and you’re on more than +5 so its still a free follow up.