How protect magnet from speaker audio

I build a cabinet. I want put to speaker audio 10 watts on top cabinet. I’m worry about magnet because two speakers audio has a magnet. R and L speaker.

How I protect use cover for speaker audio with a magnet ?
I would use a little hot glue, paper and a plastic bottle cover speaker magnet.

that’s good idea???

I don’t exactly get what you are asking. Are you asking how to protect the screen from the magnet, like how in an arcade sometime it’ll have a dark spot due to the magnetic field?

If you’re trying to protect the monitor, just buy shielded speakers.

I have no problem my screen montor is fine. I worry about speaker magnet wave to the other speak magnet. I think maybe too close 10inch?

I need protect magnet. shoud I use bottle plastic 1/2 cut cover on magnet?
I want stop wave magnet from speaker audio to other speaker. I mean L and R speaker.

You should be fine really…, just turn both of them of, and if theres no static or interference, its save to assume they aren’t messing each other up.

You’re worried about the magnetic field around one speaker is affecting the other? Don’t worry about it; you won’t hear any effect. (There will be some, but negligible)

Whew, I’m relieve. : P I think too much worried. Thank you