How powerful/big would a computer program have to be to be able to beat a top player?

Was just thinking, that the computers that beat Gary Gasparov are massive dead powerful things right? How intelligent would an AI have to be to beat the best human players in a game like streetfighter?

Any thoughts?

Well, Street Fighter is about mind games and execution. The computer will have 100% flawless execution and they would have 0 reaction delay. basically the milisecond you input a command it would do the perfect counter every single time.

  1. It’s Garry Kasparov, not Gasparov.

  2. Chess programs running on laptops can beat top human players, so super computers are no longer necessary.

  3. An AI running on a standard console could easily beat the best Street Fighter players simply by reading imputs and using a perfect counter (bait and counter type AI). It would be nearly impossible to beat it.

But nobody’s actually built a program that could take into account all the possibilities…or have they? Dont get me wrong, I imagine a computer would probably beat the best human player given enough power…but how much power would that be?

The computer doesn’t need to take into account all of the possiblities. It would just have to read your inputs. Kinda like how ST Akuma is able to just walkup->throw or walkup->SRK with perfect accuracy.

oh so it is possible then? Makes sense I guess, … But , if thats the case, why is it so easy to beat the computer on SF4? Couldnt they have made it a lot harder? Why not?

Cryoh, but what if the computer moved first?

Because the point is to try and make realistic AI (something Capcom still failed at), not just a stupid unbeatable AI that’s pointless to play againt.

Wouldn’t that be interesting in itself though? An `unbeatable’ mode? You could let the human player have the first hit/opportunity perhaps to even things out a little and then take it from there.

dumb thread. AI could just be coded to shoryu any button press, sf isnt turn based.

my AI:
1- walk forward and throw at arbitrary times
2- if button press = true: shoryu

Well, hold on, couldn’t the human player hit the computer whilst it was recovering from one of it’s random throws?

And if you think it’s a `dumb thread’ then why are you involved in it? There’s no such thing as a stupid question yknow.

Also for the record, I didn’t realise computer chess AIs were so far ahead of humans, so forgive my ignorance in asking but I still think it’s an interesting question.

lol @ how much power would be needed. This isnt 1965. There is enough power in everyday computers that can handle it. They could program the computer to just counter everything you do. And SF4 is RETARDED therefore the cpu is RETARDED. go play ST on Medium and you will see a SMART computer or better yet CHEATING computer.

can the game handle a whole dp motion in exactly 1 frame?

cheating with shoryu’s wouldn’t beat fb zoning, so it would have to know a little bit more than that…

if you just keep distance and high tiger spam (it would probably be able to reaction tatsu over other projectiles), it would have to have a way to get in and stay in, and you’d have meter advantage once it did, so you could find a way to do something clever, i’m sure. an actually good ai would be able to do that stuff but would also have a competent offense.

You misunderstand how computer programs work. I have bare minimum coding knowledge and I could quite easily code a program (or even SF4 AI if I were shown how they were structured) in which the opponent could never possibly win, and it’s not particularly hard, especially with a game as mathy as street fighter.

There’s nothing you would be able to do. A computer can process what you’ve activated in a single frame. If you throw a fireball, it can jump on the next frame. If you DP, it can block. It would simply wait for you to make an action, then use the appropriate counter.

you can just make the computer ‘react’ to every one of your moves.

you: jab
comp: what bitch? shoryuken.
you: walk up point blank and do nothing.
comp: stands there. haha you can’t fool me. no baits.
you: throw
comp: what bitch? shoryuken.

Ya, for fireballs the comp can be programmed to jump over them when it is safe, and instant FADC through it when they are closer. That plus the shoryuken for any button press alone should make it unbeatable. No need to program it to do combos or anything.

Ok, so it’s basically reaction time that will always trump the human player? What if the computers reactions were slowed to the best players speeds (if you could figure out a way of measuring them)? Would the computer always win? Wouldn’t it have to be a pretty complex program to outsmart the best human player?

OK, I’m moving the goalposts here a bit, but it’s still an interesting topic I think.

I know this isn’t the place to flame, but if you think this is an interest concept, you just have a very poor understanding of SF. An unbeatable SF AI would be nowhere near as sophisticated as the chess AI’s. It’s just like people have said, all it would have to do is shoryu/throw whenever you are vulnerable

Edit: If you are going to simulate human reactions, whats the point of it being a computer?

You kind of have it backwards, at least talking about video game AI. When people program AI, they’re not programming it to win, that’s extremely easy. They’re programming it to lose, but lose in a way that’s convincing.