How often does the SRK store restock its merchandise?

There’s a few shirts I want to get but they’re out of stock, so, I was wondering if they’ll be restocked soon or if they’ll just let the stock run out? Also, why are some shirts so pricey? I noticed one shirt I wanted was priced at 30 dollars. It’s nice but seems too expensie

They are hand spun by children in Kineda’s basement.

It may take a while.

Damn straight it might take a while. That shit won’t be re-stocked immediately cuz the box with the shirts in question? I ain’t touching that box until the big-ass spider I saw climb into it crip-walks his ass right the fuck outta there. Srk’s health benefits suck (so I’m not risking a spider bite), there’s no OSHA here, and on top of that, nobody bought any bug spray last week, so I’m reduced to waiting the 7-legged fucker out. Sorry. In the meantime, I’m gonna go put some new bags of pretzels out in the Srk break room…and heaven help them if they drank that fresh half gallon of moo juice I hid in the back of the fridge.

Some stuff you see out of stock, means out of print gone forever.