How often do you win championships?

So i’ve finally got my basics down and startin to win some battles. I’m only g2-e but i win 2-3 battles in a row alot. I baaarely win 4 in a row…and I was just wondering if people level up through winning championships or just collecting whatever they can. My question is…out of 10 sets…how many do you actually get championship points on?

I win as many championships as I feel like winning. Not to be a dick. if you just block you will win. Everyone throws shit out for no reason and expects to win due to lag - or you can’t hear them mashing DP on their stick. If you’re up close to someone. just block. they will whiff something stupid and then you can counter. I rarely have to fight to win, it’s more like these guys just give me the match, which means you can say the same thing I just said about winning, just dont hit buttons for no reason.

I win in sporadics, but I rarely lose in the 1st round. I seem to get about a six game winning streak going once a day. I am still in G2 but I am only 200 points away from G1. I am a little afraid to go to G1 not only because of they new crap I will deal with but also the lack of players…

In G2 id win almost every championship
Now im in G1
Havent even went to the finals and i’ve tried over 15 times but Im still getting used to it. It’s not that everyone in G1 is amazing its just In G2 you get people that try stupid shit, you get to do stupid things sometimes and not get punished for it and then you develop bad habits. So As im playing I’l get rid of the bad habits (for example I would always do a tiger knee after, Tiger Knee and now Abels are command throwing me and Im losing health cause im not hit confirming)
IL be back at G2 for a bit cause you lose 5 GP if you lose in the First Round lol

Once you get into G1, you never go back. I was at my friends who is in G1, and he played a guy who had 14840 in G1…

Siick, I thought Id get deranked im at 15040ish now but Unless I really start adapting quick il get under 15000 soon

Not very often, I just started up with Sagat a few weeks ago. I’m more concerned with correcting my mistakes and learning from my losses than winning GP points… that’ll come when I’m able to put everything I know into a real match.

Baby steps ftw

I dont really play that much, but I win about 2-3 championships per day. I only play like 1-2 hours max. Im leveling very slowly, but surley.

Plenty of players in G1 man… I idle in arcade mode and I always get matches very quickly

Theres enough people in G1 but theres not A LOT. Last night I was in the Semis and I could not find a match for like 10 minutes so I just played some ranked matches lol. But yes there are alot of people but as you get further you start to see the “No Game Sessions Available” lol

I never go without a match for more than 5 minutes and waiting more than 2 minutes for matches is RARE for me.

Dunno why ur not getting matches :confused:

Are you playing in arcade mode and waiting? When finding round 1-3 matches I never get past 1 minute into the CPU match and during round 4 & 5, I usually end up as second player because during arcade mode after u beat CPU in match, u automatically go searching for a match.


I usually win (7 times out of ten or so). Sometimes I come up against someone who is actually good, and sometimes I lose to them.

When I was in G2 I won probably 9/10 championships. G2 is awful, the guy that said you can just wait for the opponent to do something fucking retarded is absolutely spot-on. When my friends weren’t around I could go through 1000 points in a day but usually I’d get bored fighting Internet Ryu over and over and play Warhawk periodically, and I spent a lot of time just doing Seth’s flashy combos in training mode that are no longer as fun with a stick–I guess it feels cooler when you do it all with 2 fingers.

In G1 I find myself actually playing less and reading/practicing more, I guess cause the end is just nowhere in sight and it gets to a point where you’re just playing the game for its own merit instead of points. The competition is much better but there are still very few who don’t leave glaring holes in their gameplay. It was fun at first, I beat a guy with 45000GP in a mirror match and it was really exciting to win in general but it gets old when no one you know plays the game. I died a little inside when I perfected an Abel with 48000GP, and I beat the shit out of Saqs’ Rose in a final, haven’t seen him post that video on his youtube channel yet. I definitely don’t beat everyone I play but I win enough that it’s routine and doesn’t feel like an accomplishment.

And yeah you don’t move back down to G2, you just lose points. I’m thinking of getting another account up to G1 and blowing a bunch of matches to get back down to 0GP but I’d probably get bored pretty fast.

I stopped playing C-Mode in all honesty, but in order to win you only have to play a reactionary game… there are very few players who adjust accordingly, and you can just punish them for stupid mistakes.

For whoever neg repped me, do some fucking research

Handle: Saqs
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PSN: PhatSaqs
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Congratulations on buying a subscription for a video game website and still not knowing what the fuck you’re talking about

haha I know that guy. he’s the dude who spams safe slides then grabs you on 3 bars. hahahah free win. he has something like 50k battle points when i played him… like 2 months ago.

I can’t win no championshipz, someone teach me how to do that kamehameha thing please!

I don’t even play C-Mode anymore. It’s just flat out boring with lots of lag most of the time if you live in the states like I do. Oh yay, someone from France, China, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, or Canada hosting a match or joining your room.

I’ve played it so much that I can kinda predict which characters the players would choose just by looking at their locations.

France = usually Ryu
Mexico, Brazil = Zangief
USA/Canada = Balrog, Ryu, or Sagat

I got to G1 and the people who are saying there is nobody in it, they are lying. I get matches just as quickly as I got them in G2…