How often do you see Bryan players online? (Tekken 6)

I really like Tekken, ever since Tekken 3. I always play side-fighting games such as SSF4 or UMvC3. I really want to learn the basics of a 3D fighting game, because they are the ones I am the worst at.

I really enjoy the characters Miguel, Bryan, Bruce, and Feng. Bryan is probably the one that I want to play the absolute most. The thing is, is that I don’t really like playing top-tier or overused characters. I like the in-between characters in fighting games. Not miserable, but not godly.

So how often do you see Bryan players? Too much? Very little? I assume he is the most played out of the 4 I chose, sadly. Any feedback is appreciated, thank you.

Why did you make a thread for this?

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online xbox live i dont see him very much

To receive information about my question.
If you mean why I didn’t go to some other part of the forum that would seem more appropriate, I am quite ignorant when it comes to forums, so I apologize on any mistakes on my behalf.

Yeah mostly, it’s good policy to check existing threads before creating one.
Srk is not always very new member friendly.
Making threads when new is a quick road to getting flamed of the boards.

Nothing wrong with asking questions by any means.

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Well I will make sure to remember this information, and thank you for the feedback.

Don’t see that many ‘good’ Bryans really, if you can can do his taunt cancelling consistently then he’s a beast. If you can’t then he’s still a pretty good character but you are reliant on using the Tekken basics to do his massive damage.

You used to see a lot of people playing bryan because he looks like a badass. They all stank and were free wins if you were in any way competent at Tekken.

He’s an example of a character that is ‘good’ at the basic level of play and ‘OMFG TEH AWSUM’ if you can play him at his highest level.

at wall combos for a annoying good mix up game. it forces your op on a 50/50 tech… oi… dat damage.

study Mr. Naps(NA), Knee(Korea), Sunchips(Korea).

On PSN he’s common. The characters I fight most frequently are, in order: Kazuya, Lili, Asuka, King, Lars, Bruce, Bryan. It’s pretty rare that I ever see someone playing characters other than those. And it’s not really possible to tell how many of the online Bryans are “good” because Tekken 6 online is a completely different game than Tekken 6 offline due to how terrible the netcode is. When every move you make is anticipatory rather than reactionary, it changes the way you have to play certain characters.