How often do you practice?

Just wondering how many hours you guys put into the games. I’ve had about 6 hours this week of training this week, tonight I got to the point where I couldn’t even do a dp motion anymore, just turned into my hand convulsing…

At least 2 hours a week. Unless a good RPG comes along, (Rogue Galaxy, most recently) then all my fighting game time goes down the crapper. (Or school, of course.)

I practice for about 1 hour 3x a week in training mode. If my wrists start acting up, I stop playing for the day. (Carpal tunnel syndrome) I play quite often with the scrubs on my floor though.

Watch out for overuse, CTS can happen to young people and it sucks asshole. I missed about a month and a half of play due to treatment.

Not nearly enough.


Used to 10-15 hours a week. Now, not so much. There is a point where all you need to do is keep the execution up, and there isn’t really anything else to learn. Don’t feel like learning a new character. Now, if I had a home copy of Melty Blood, I’d probably be back up to 10+ hours

about 60% of my time playing fighting games goes to the training mode. maybe more now that i play monster so much.

Everyday on average of 3-4 hours…thats either playing or researching.

And no thats not one game, I play about 50+ fighters.

I am going to start, as of next week, doing more training mode than playing dorm scrubs… my goal is going to be 8 hrs of training mode to start unless mantis slash owns my wrist.

When i was still playing fighting games seriously, about 10hrs a week.

When i stop playing fighting game seriously, no more practice anymore but just fun and games now.

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not enough

I dunno, i just play lots of casuals against people or sometimes i play against the computer if i’m bored, but rarely do i “practice”. Depends on your definition of ‘practice’.

If its just casuals, then i dunno, 10-15 a week? It was way more before school started but yeah, about that now…

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On the real, though, I get some matches in at least once weekly outside with my friends, but this is with the default controller. Next week, I’m getting a stick, so practicing will be alot more serious.

…that went well.

Maybe 3-4 hours week, max. Most of that will be taken up by watching matchvids. I’ll take a few mental notes, maybe a spend alittle time in training praciticing the execution of what i’ve seen.

I do however try to get alot of playtime against other people, as i think this is the best practice. I will play maybe 1-2 hours most days on kaillera (hey its better than playing cpu) and 2-4 hours at the arcade on Friday night.

I practice around 2 hours a day on VF4, then I usually just practice 3rd Strike/CvS2 for about an hour.

I practice my execution every day. Just enough to the point where I feel comfortable. Any other practice comes from occasional gatherings to play casuals.

I found the more I practice the worse I do.

So I usually just do one big session on the weekend of practicing combos, and then I never do that shit again.

Sounds stupid, doesn’t it.


You might be right, when I first started playing VF4 I would always play worse after doing the practice mode.The best practice is against somebody else though.

I practice so much I practice while I’m on SRK. TK SA1 FTW!!!

I practice whenever I get owned. Basically just to touch up my game.