How much time will using ajoystick, over xbox360 controller, save me in MvsC3 mission mode?


Trying to do all missions in MvsC3 and only have xbox 360 controller. It takes forever to finish all missions for a character, that I can only finish all missions for one character a night. I took a break for a few days to play portal 2 that I found myself trying to do Deadpool mission 8 for an hour,but couldn’t do it & ran out of time. It is taking so much time, that I am considering to just buy a joystick.

Does buying a joystick really help so much that it will save me that much time? I’m no hardcore fighter, but my time is more & more valuable to me, that I am thinking spending $100 on a joystick will help me more more than hurt me. I also imagine it might help for Blazeblue & street fighter 4 arcade edition.

Will a joystick save me time? Also any recommendations will be nice too. Thanks.

If you are currently unsure about your ability to use a joystick… and based on what you said…

Getting one will only cause you more frustrations.

as a base for comparison,

I never played TvC… It took me one week with my joystick to not only beat all the missions… but unlock every trophy (PS3 version)

Albeit, I’ve been playing fighters on a joystick for 9 years.

getting a joystick will not make you better

what will make you better is practice, practice and practice

Hard to say really. Honestly, if you are more of a Pad player; at first you will play worst on a stick until you get adjusted to it.
Once you get adjusted to a stick, you can execute moves more precisely than you can with a pad; especially the Xbox 360 game pad.
More precise your move executions are the less time you spend trying to pull said move off. You aren’t faster, you are more accurate.
Accuracy means less attempts to pull off the same moves and combos. A good arcade stick helps with almost any Fighting Game, and many other Arcade titles, such as Shoot-em-ups like Gradius, 1945 ans Sonic Wings/AeroFighters.

Head over to my What Stick should I Buy thread which is Sticked on the first page of the Tech Talk Forum.

There is a list of existing sticks, there price and my ratings on Quality, reliability and how easy it is to repair/ modify.

Since when Tatsunoko vs. Capcom became a PS3 game?

Well and there is Practice, which you seem like you are doing any ways.


Joysticks won’t automatically improve your game, but they certainly CAN help. If you’ve never played on one, it may feel impossible at first. Some people are pad warriors. Some people are joystick warriors. Some people are keyboard warriors.

I agree with Practice. And like I said before, if your new to a stick, you will play worst before you get better. You will be using different muscles, different joints and a different positions for your hands and body. Using a stick will take getting used too.

I mentioned it in regards to it being a similar engine style.

Well you can execute anything on PAD as much as joystick. I for certain went to JS and NEVER came back to PAD. I feel so uncomfortable with PAD. So it depends on what you are comfortable with. Try touching a JS and see if you like it and if it feel easier to use. If it does get the JS. In my opinion is bad to buy a JS just for mission mode.
I did Hulk’s mission mode in over an hour with JS but redid it again and because I was comfortable on doing the mission mode again, and I did it within 10 minutes. Also what helps in mission mode is playing the character over and over again.
You will be horrible with JS once you get it but with practice you can adjust to it. My friend got adjusted after 3 months playing vanilla SF4. I took two weeks on Marvel =] Hope this helps

I didn’t play fighting games since MK2 and MK3, when MK9 came out I played for a few weeks on a pad, then switched to a joystick (not a Mortal Kombat button layout though, so that might have been my problem), and I didn’t fair well with either. I ended up selling the joystick and am now working on a Hit Box styled box with a Mortal Kombat button layout. Really hope it helps my game because this project has taken twice the money and entirely way more time than I thought it would.

The thread for those is over here if you want to check that out:

A hybrid Hit box MK layout, bleh.

The MK layout is counter intuitive to the idea of the hit box layout, which is all buttons matching the ergonomics on your hand and finger tips.
The MK layout is much better with an actually joystick.

Also you have to understand, when switching from a pad to a stick, you will play worst until you get used to a stick. You use different muscles, joints and posture for a stick than what you use for a pad. And you have to practice using different muscles and the different controller.
For a hit box your right hand is still using the same muscles and joins you would be for a stick. The Left hand is set up like you would on a keyboard. You still need to take the time to adjust. Regardless if you use an arcade stick or blech a hit box If you do not take the time to adjust and practice on the new controller, you still end up Wasting your money.

Keep in mind I despise hit boxes in general for the huge technical issues they create (See is the Hit box is cheating thread), also it grind my gears when people say hey look at my stick, and what they are referring to is a hit box and not a stick.


The real reason I ask this question is because of this post I read in Vesper’s youtube video guide on Deadpool’s MvsC3 missions.

Just for the sake of reference, as of today I’ve logged 210 hours offline in MvsC3 and still have difficulty executing something like the first c.L, c.M, c.H, 689H five tmes in a row… and that is what I practice doing. Yes, I literally do attempt to practice this move five times in a row, because I’m doing Deadpool mission 8 which this move is 50% of the mission, and I still find myself struggling to do it this simple thing 5 times in a row (no I haven’t beaten the mission yet). I find that executions are so hit and miss, that if I can’t do a part of a combo 5 times in a row, I will probably spend 20 minutes never finishing the mission because the execution never comes out the way I plan it, it is that hit and miss for me. Just now I did 689H ten times in a row, to make sure I could do that part right, but when I try to put it into the end of a LMH combo it doesn’t connect. 210 hours, most of which is trying to do mission mode, and I’m at 309/380 missions done. I don’t think its because I’m not practicing enough, but it just might be.

Online I have logged 25 hours, which was a long painful experinece getting 200 wins, and 315 losses.
I would practice combos with Morrigan & Trish (ground lmh combo, launch, air mmh comob -> Super move) and I would practice that move until I could do it ten times in a row… but when it came to practicing Felicia’s Toy Touch [jump cancelable only] -> Dancing Flash (9m, 8963 at+at or 89m, 63at+at) I could only do it seven times in a row facing the right side.

Playing super street fighter 4 was a nightmare. Just doing an Ultra combo was a major hassle for me. Something like doing Rose’s Illussion Spark Ultra (896, 896 + PPP) at first was very hit or miss, later on I could only do it facing right.

Now back in the day when I was playing Super Street Fighter 2 on the Super Ninentdo, I didn’t struggle this much just to perform two quarter circle motions. I beat the hell out of the Darkstalker’s PSP game & unlocked everything… but when I look back at all the time I’ve spent on MvsC3, and all I probably will spend on SF4 & Blazeblue, I think it will save me some time.

Believe it or not, I came up with the idea of using directional buttons on my own because of the vast amount of PC gaming I do and then I found out about the Hit Box (and this forum) and decided that I just had to make one because I was really hoping that my PC muscle memory would be to my advantage. I was just trying to tell the OP about another option, and then realized that hes been on this forum for a long time and has probably already seen it. :frowning:

Edit - And the one I’m making is a little more spread out than the “real” Hit Boxes, to better match the size of a keyboard.

For some, the straight 3 over 3 layout of a joysticks buttons make inputting moves more efficient. However, if you’ve never played on a stick, then you’ll have to “learn to walk” (so to speak) all over agian.

Well… I see your problem…
If this is accurate, you’re doing your inputs wrong…


But, I don’t think it’s that, and you just notated it wrong.

Again, if you’ve never used a stick, you’re going to have to relearn how to walk. The missions in this game aren’t difficult.

But there again, the Xbox controller is the worst fighting game controller I’ve ever used. At this point, anything oculd be better than it.

This. The D-Pad on the Xbox controller is a nightmare - best thing to do is either jump to a joystick now and re-learn, or move to one of the pads that has a better D-Pad - Madcatz SF pad was great. I’ve gone: 360pad -> SF pad -> Hori EX2 stick -> TE.
Learning stick was easy enough, but was frustrating as well, since as many have said, you’re going right back to basics.

If you want to test your run at a joystick, I’ll sell you my EX2 for $30 shipped.

As seen there

This way it’s a lot less guilty than spending $100 on something you absolutely hate.

A fight stick, fight pad, 360 controller will not make you better. You still have to practice on all of them. It is all a matter of preferences.

Personally I find the fight stick quite hard to perfect as I am still making accidental miss clicks. One thing you could notice in the fight stick is, you can pull off combos a lot quicker, buttons are on a horizontal view pattern facing towards you (So you have a much clean perspective/easy view on your buttons.), and the traditional arcade feel to it. The decision is yours.

In my opinion the 360 controller sucks. People might consider it decent but I hate it. Either fight pads or fight sticks are in my booklet. So if you’re willing to pay $100 dollars or more on a fight stick then go ahead. I’m sure you’ll like the feel of it but again it takes practice. It’s like learning how to play a new instrument. They both make musical sounds and have their notes but the user must know that they are played differently. Hope this helped.

This…this is the reason I’m thinking of resorting to buy a $100 fight stick. Some people say they are just aren’t that hard…yet I’ve been stuck on DrDoom’s mission 9 since yesterday.

Even though I will have to “Learn to walk” all over again with a fight stick, I think it will save me hours of time, atleast I hope.

Thank you all for your responses.

This is true. There used to be an arcade around here and I played Mortal Kombat quite frequently. I tried playing it on a pad once and I was awful. I recommend buying a joystick anyway. I don’t have one, and I may never have one, but I intend to get one when the time is right. I just had to send my xbox into MS(out of warranty), so I am set back quite a bit. I have seen amazing players on pads at a local SFIV tourney. I have seen amazing joystick players at the same tourney. A pad player surprisingly won. A stick won’t make you better, but it can make you better if you have the time and dedication to relearn and remaster the moves.