How much is the difference between Taito Type X2 and a standard PC?

From what i’ve read online, Taito Type X2’s are essentially pc’s rigged up to cabs so that you get a full arcade machine

the only thing i don’t know about is how the implement the pcb into it, mainly because there are no online images of x2 pcbs from my searching

the other thing i’m curious about is the Blazblue Continuum Shift upgrade kit, which, through a usb dongle and a hard drive, converts any x2 machine so that it can play the game, regardless of what game it was on it before

the main thing i’m trying to ask, is that if i had the Continuum shift kit, but attached it to a pc that had the specs for it, would it be possible to rig up a homebrew arcade machine with some hacks if necessary?

P.S: OS on the taito machine is windows xp sp2, so that wouldn’t really be a problem


if you’re saying that asking for hacking is a bannable offense, i already know that, im just curious to see if it’s POSSIBLE to have it work

Hacking your own PC to run a game is not a bannable offense. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes, it is possible as far as I remember as X2 is just a purpose built machine…nothing else. I’ll try to find you a link on how to set it up, if I can find them.

If you’re just trying to build a cabinet, you also might consider using an Xbox 360. Most of the games have been ported to xbox, and you wont have to mess with setting up networking, etc. It’s as arcade-in-a-box as it gets.


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There’s practically no reason to have a Taito typeX2 hardware unless you want to charge people for playing.

Xbox 360 running + SF4 running from hard drive >>>> Taito typeX2 + SF4

Xbox 360 version of SF4 is superior to the TypeX2 version graphics and content wise.

Last i check this is impossible because the windows version used is built into the mobo of the taito type XX

Not sure what they use to wire buttons as well, i dont think its just plain usb.

Unless i missed the queue that Taito Type XX has been hacked

Or you could use a PC, run the PC version of SFIV and then run some games on MAME/GGPO as well.

It is quite slow.

some people are speculating that the OS is actually on the hard drive of the games, so nothing is concrete yet, but the usb part im pretty sure is possible, since some guy used an arcade soul calibur stick to play on a home taito x2 setup before console sf4 came out

The main reason i’m asking is because of the new Blazblue that is out, which wont hit consoles until a long time yet, and i’ll probably be in the same situation next year too

I’m pretty sure the board is still using JVS for the controls.

Where i’m at you don’y even need a x2 :smiley:

ah, right

there’s still no converter for them right?

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what is the difference between jvs and usb anyways?

jvs is the new standard for arcade interface which generally included 2 sets of RCA jacks, 2 VGA jacks, 1 usb port for controller controls, and a 6 pin power connector.

Now that usb connector I suppose is used not only with old switch type sticks and buttons, but also track balls, light guns etc… I personally have no idea how that usb is hooked up directly to the control panel for sticks and such as they’re non usb devices…

after reading more into it, modding a pc to act as a taito x2 is lots of work, considering you have to get the specific JVS board, and possibly even crack the firmware on the gfx card

anyways, it’s not like im going to actually do this, but it was a good doing research like this, i dont know why i get so into these useless things and have so much fun gathering such little info for such hard work

taito x2 is a pc running a imbeded version of xp which had some protection which was recently broken, expect to see taito x2 games being played on normal pc’s,

i know this for fact as i have been playing blazblue calamity trigger for about 2 weeks at my friends house

Well, blazblue CS is already out and cracked for PC.

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