How much is drinking "in moderation"?

Lately I’ve been drinking 1 beer a night for quite some time now. And it has become like a ritual for me. I don’t even like beer. I just like to feel the buzz. But I’ve never actually been drunk, and don’t think I could be even if I wanted to (can’t stomach more than 1 at a time).

For an adult male, 2-4. Female half that. And that’s by medical in the US. Though anti drinking groups will say half that makes you an alcoholic. Most of my family is still in Austria, the NL, France, and SWE, and for the most part they crush a sixer through the evening and drink wine with dinner… never phased them or hurt them. I’ve also got some old as fuckers still pulling that shit in their 80’s and 90’s in the blood line.

Take any advice with a grain of salt, what works for you may not work for someone else, and this cuts both ways. In theory, the US government states 2 drinks in an evening and don’t do everynight, at max 4. But other countries drink like fish and have no issues… some of this is genetic.

Body type has a lot to do with it to.

True also, but I’m 6’0 and slim, and I can go through about 12 before I feel it really. But again, in my family home from work, 2 beers, 2 glasses of wine with a long dinner and after dinner scotch, and then a few more beers is considered the norm, and we drink at lunch. Dutch/Austrian though for the most part and beer is rather like water.

lets just cut to the chase…

OP is an alcoholic. drinking to get a buzz is the telltale sign!!

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Don’t worry, you are drinking in moderation. Once you stop asking yourself these questions, “am I drinking to much or how much is to much” you might want to stop.

I still don’t get how people like the taste of beer. It’s easily one of the nastiest things I have ever tasted. But a single good glass of wine or cognac is god.

If you get your buzz and stop, Congrats. You are in control of your booze. If you find yourself drinking and drinking until you start spewing, then you are not only NOT in moderation, you are in trouble. I’ve been caught talking to earl and ralph enough times to know that I am a full-blown, 100-proof alcoholic. Fighting your way back out of the bottle is a lot harder than to simply avoid falling into it in the first place.


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answer: until you are puking in the toilet. if you drink after that, you’re drinking too much. if you stop after you’re puking, that’s moderation.

Well 1 a night probably isn’t gonna do much to your health unless you have a poor liver or other medical reason not to.
If you were to drink until you were almost passed out and looking like shit the next day here in england no one would think much of it because it’s so common to do that…I have friends that drink a lot a couple times a week every week and they recover, I think unless you’re drinking constantly the liver heals fast enough to allow people to do that but I think drinking shows aesthetically even when internal damage heals, probably the effect of their skin being dehydrated so often.

Anyway, you could argue that 1 is too much for you considering you don’t like the taste and it’s a dependency. We all have our vices though, I get high most nights, basically because drinking doesn’t feel as good and with weed I don’t feel like I’m doing my body any/anywhere near as much harm and I’m back to 100% within a few hours…No hangover.

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