How much do Metal Control panels usually go for?

I bought a arcade cabinet from someone down the street that I plan on making a mame cabinet and he gave me a few extra Control Panels that I guess were previously used on it. The thing is I’ve always thought the control panels were just art you placed on the panel. These things are solid metal plates that stick into the wood.

My question is

How much do these things usually go for on ebay, or just in general. I’ve never seen CPO’s in this manner before. Would they be worth selling, or should I just keep them for fun.

Also I apologize in advance if this isn’t in the right forum section. Wasn’t sure where to put it.

got pics? maybe its custom. I’ve never heard of it done like that on a real cab but I’m also a newb to building full size cabs.

I’m not around them at the moment. I can upload them later when I get home.

But this is the CPO, and what the Cabinet looks like. (without any art, on it at all) It must’ve been a MK3 cabinet originally because theres serial number stickers that way Midway and MK on them on the outside and inside.

Google Image Result for

idk about those, but akishop sells new ones ranges around 100-200

Oh yea. Lizardlick has a metal cpo also for like 50 bucks. That’s pretty much What it is. Except mk style layout. And I have a golden tee one also.


1304611046382.jpg picture by sdweim85 - Photobucket

1304611135730.jpg picture by sdweim85 - Photobucket

why dont you save it, and make it into a removable setup, just change panels when you wanna change different games?

Yea maybe in the future. The panels don’t screw into the arcade cab. They like clamp down. So all I’d have to remove is the USB plug, pull it out and put in the MK3 one.

But then I’d have to buy another 2 sticks and 12 more buttons =/