How many times can you do OTG combos?

My friend told me that you can roll out to escape OTG combo in MvC3, ie. after an aerial combo or a move that does knockdown. is that true?

is there a limit to how many times you can do OTG combos (ie. you knock them down, then do a move to cause a groundbounce, and then continue the combo), otherwise?

It depends on the type of knockdown, there is 4 types I believe. It’s covered in the MvC3 guide that just launched here on SRK.

But no, you cannot roll out of an OTG combo in MvC3 like you could in MvC2. But what happens is that every hit in the combo makes future hits cause less stun, preventing infinites; by the time you launch, combo, knock them down, OTG and relaunch, you’re pretty much hard pressed to get a lot of hits in so you won’t see a lot of double OTG combos. But theres nothing that I’ve found that explicitly prevents them from happening.

I believe you can only OTG once, just as you can only wallbounce once.