How many fingers do you use when using stick?

I was talking to a friend who said he uses all his fingers when playing on a 6 button layout (no macros). I only use 3 (pointer, middle and ring finger).

Just curious how many fingers do you guys use?

for a 6 button stick you can get away with using only 3 fingers, but I feel like for an 8 button you need to use 4 (everything except thumb).

6 button layout I use 4 fingers (middle three and my thumb).

Index on jab
middle on strong
ring on fierce
thumb rests on short (also use it to hit forward)
pinky on roundhouse

6 button stick I use 3

Zero because sticks give an unfair advantage.

I usually only use 4 but sometimes I have to shift and use the pinky to do some combos if I want to keep Zonk or Fuhajin fireball charged.

4 usually, but i use 5 if the input is far away. OS sweep off of a jab for instance i’ll hit sweep with my pinky. play mostly with 3 though

4 fingers ( thumb through ring) pink is a rare occurrence for some specific shit.

I use 4 fingers, never my pinky. Also never use either the 3ppp or 3kkk buttons.
I use my thumb only when doing throws, crouchteching and focus.

As many as I need if you know what I mean :wink:

Srsly, i just use the thumb and the three fingers, rarely if ever have cause to use pinky

8 buttons, I use 3. I only use my pinky if I for some god awful reason attempt a triple fuhajin combo on stick.

I dont use the 7th and 8th buttons though, so I guess it’s technically 6 buttons. I also do wineglass stance with my left hand. I prefer playing on pad though.

all 5. Positions change depending on play because storing multiple fuhajin’s with juri can be awkward otherwise D:

Probably four most of the time, but I certainly use all five when needed.

Thumb, pointer, middle, and ring.

I use my thumb for LK and MK.

I use everyone except the pinky. I use my thumb for focus attack and sometimes lk.

I use any combination of two fingers to grip the stick. Usually in a wineglass fashion. Any four of five fingers to press the buttons.

9 on a fightboard/hitbox, left pinky left off.
5 on a stick.

3 for SNK games, 4 for SF, 5 for Vampire Savior

It usually depends on the character I’m using. All 5 for Juri. I use my thumb for Chun-Lis loops and usually just 3 for everyone else.