How many diff size stun bars are there?


Three? This is off the top of my head, it might be wrong.

Gill Oro Dudley Q Hugo Alex
everyone else
Gouki Remy

I’m not too sure, but each character also has a different stun recovery rate. I hear that Urien’s stun recovers quickly, as does Remy’s, but Oro and Dudley (IIRC) have slow recovery.

Urien’s bar is shorter than Gill’s? I don’t actually know, and I no longer have access to the console version so I can’t check, but I thought they had the same size.


I think he meant the rate at which the stun bar decreases. The recovery rates for each character used to be listed at

I thought Oro had one of the highest recovery rates? Well if your right, he still has his taunt :wink:

And lo! Karathrow still exists, at least in part.

And for the stun recovery tables, among others:

Wow… thx for the link. I’m glad I’m right about Oro having slow stun recovery, and at least somewhat right about Remy and Urien… hahaha… That’s crazy though; I have no clue how they found out all that data, but it’s nice to have.

There’s 20 stun bars in total. 1 for each character.