How many comics in the series?

As someone new to comics and someone who didnt know the difference detween comics, graphic novels and annuals, I just wanted to ask how many comics are there in the Udon Street Fighter series.

I have #0-14 in comic format and Vol 1 and Vol 2 in graphic novel format.

Vol 1 contains comics #0-6
Vol 2 contains comics #7-14

Has there been any more released after #14?

If so how many?

The reason I ask is that I understand graphic novel Vol 3 is out soon. If this is true then #15-22 ish must be out.

Can someone give me an update of the current status of the comics.


What the…

I’ve just realised SF II comics #0-3 are also out.

Is the SF II series the next series from the Street Fighter comics or is it a totally different story?

Looking at my comics they only say Street Fighter on them and not Street Fighter II. This is a bit misleading as the Street Fighter comics are about Street Fighter II characters. Calling them the SF I series is implying they are about Street Fighter One.

Why is it all so confusing.

Can someone clear what is going on and whether I have all the SF comics out there?

This is indeed the second arc to the Udon series you have been collecting. The reason it changed to SFII was because the story arc is now on or approaching the SFII plot. Technically the last series would have been Alpha but I don’t think Udon were contemplating going through these minor name changes at the time anyway.

And yes you listed all the comics, SF#0-14, SFII#0-3 with the exception of the Capcom Summer Special 2004 which just had a little story with Chun-Li and Birdie. It also featured a short Rival Schools and DarkStalkers story.