How many button presses are Sanwa buttons good for?

All I need a general estimate of how long it takes for buttons to crap out so I know when should I order some more… I think they are good for at least 2 years but I’m not 100 percent sure.

EDIT: Didnt want to put this in tech talk because its just a quick question…

the microswitches are rated good for at least 10 million clicks. So yeah, make sure to count and order some more right when you hit that amount.

seriously, don’t worry about them, they won’t die on you for a looooooong time.

Unless your stick is getting 10+ hours per day of intense play 365 days per year, I don’t think you need to worry about your microswitches wearing out anytime in the forseeable future.

I have some music game controllers (for games that can average over 2 presses per key per second, every second for very high-level play) and their switches still haven’t worn out in 5 years, if that tells you anything.

Thanks alot yall mine are not that heavily used afaik my buttons are good for 10 yrs as far as i know.

Yep, I have a Pop’n Music ASC and a IIDX ASC, neither has had any problems with the microswitches in almost 8 years of play.

Whenever I worry about the wear I’m putting on my stick or buttons I just stop and remember “These are meant for arcades. They’re built to put up with a lot more abuse than I put them through.”

There is no way you play them as hard as people play them in the arcade.

the buttons arent expensive to replace anyway, so theres nothing to worry about

They’re expensive if you’re buying 8

20 bucks every few years is too much for you? Might want to consider another hobby, like job searching.


For sure, I switch mine out like twice a year, just because I like switching them, and that new button feel is awesome. :3

This isn’t a expensive hobby unless you’re buying separate buttons for each stick that you own on all the consoles. NTM a single lens in photo can run 300-2000. Lucky us!

it comes out to like 30 something. i just bought some off lizardlick the other day.

Honestly, I was thinking about 30 on top of the price of a new fight stick. Which is ridiculous because, we’re talking about replacing buttons when they wear out.

I don’t even know what was going through my head.

looooool thats great. :slight_smile:

sanwas dont run out of steam unless you bash the living shit outta them, i piano like a motherfucker and mine are fine years down the line

I did an experiment and the results are shocking

35,236,643 clicks on Stick 1.
10,432,632 clicks on Stick 2.
22,637,348 clicks on stick 3.

My final report on this experiment is that I wasted 2 years of my life pressing buttons in my basement. I should have hypothesized that the stick will last a loooong time, and should be something to worry about.