How Many Are Playing This Online?

Hey, I’m getting very hyped for this game, and I’m wondering how’s the online situation. I’ve been burned before with Skullgirls and Blazblue CS: EX not having a very active online scene. Getting to tier 6 in SG resulted in me fighting the same two people consistently. So, could anyone give me an opinion on how active the ranked and player matches are? Is there a good amount of people?

Can’t say since the game just release today here in the U.S. though I had fought many different people and rarely fight the same opponent. Plus you have Asian players online as well so you may end up fighting across the world. Just make sure you get the ps3 version though since the 360 having lagging issues

It’s pretty good right now, I don’t wait too long for matches and not many of them lag :slight_smile:

It’s just that I’m trying to find a community to improve with, can’t seem to find one though :frowning:

XBL ID = karanji

Going to be playing Kanji and Yu. (Teddie, Aegis, Labrys if I cant muster the patience and timing for their move/combo sets)

Player matches are pretty active right now on 360

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I feel like I should say something dramatic like “Come at me Bro” but I wont.

This is where I spend most evenings. Last night had one match as a laggy mess but it seemed like an anomaly the rest were fine.

So far I am 5-0 online. F+ BABY WHOOO!!! lol There were some crazy close matches tho. Mash out Instant Kill was an epic way to end the last one I played hehe.

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