How many arcade Stick's do you Own? and do you use every single one you own?

I understand some people buy arcade sticks for various reasons, me personally I own 2 sticks Right now and I use a fair share of both of them. I am considering getting a third one but I’m a little drawn back due the the actual use ill get out of it. but what about you guys/girls out their.

I now own 7-8. They are all a little bit different to use, but essentially the same. I have no idea why I have so many sticks as I can only use one at a time. I liken it to having lots pairs of trainers or cricket bats. I have a couple of sticks I have never used, as I don’t want them to get them dirty. Collectors, get me…

I have 4 fight sticks: 1.) my main is a Hori VLX Premium Hayabusa 2.) Madcatz TE2+ 3.) Hori RAP4 Kai KOF 14 Edition 4.) Qanba Q1 They all have Phreakmods the Link on them (removeable shaft) and the first two are Hori Hayabusa levers while the last two use Seimitsu LS-32. I find that the Hori works better for me in SF5 and MKXL, etc whereas the Seimitsu is much better for KOF 14 only. My execution is better in that game with the Seimitsu lever. I rarely use the Qanba these days but the other 3 see a steady rotation with the Hori VLX Premium being my stick of choice at home.

beat me to it

6 after giving away 2. 1 on the way :frowning:

Four. I have one for Wii, one for PS3, one for PS3/PS4, and one for PC/GC/Wii/PS3/PS2. I really only use the latter two at this point and the former two are just decorations.

Thinking of selling one and ordering a VLX.

I’ve built 3 sticks of my own. Would later Sell them all.

Two American-style Happs:

(1) Using the old Nubytech 15th anniversary SF case w/PSOne PCB.

Great U.S style Happ case but, awfully chunky and heavy.

(2) A used X-Arcade Solo for the case.

I actually have fond memories of this build. As i was sent home from college during hurricane katrina but, not before i received a fully wired PSOne PCB and new Happ stick and buttons. The electricity in my parent’s house had gone off completly for a few days, and i was just in my room in pitch dark armed with nothing but a flashlight and a battery powered drill. Pulling out the original X-Arcade’s guts and installing/wiring up the PSOne PCB and putting everything together.

Did a damn good job upon the circumstances. This was my favorite of the three and the one i wish i’d kept.

(3) Arcana Heart 2 Hori Real Arcade Pro for PS2:

This build was noteable as it forced me to finally learn how to both De-Solder connections and, then resolder wiring. Because out of the box this stick was not mod-friendly, as it had the dreaded Buttons-soldered-to-PCB setup.

I also needed to operate a dremel, as the faceplate had these metal tabs that prevented replacement buttons from being dropped in (Although a dremel was the extreme solution. Grinding them down with a rattail file would have been fine).

This was also the stick where my love of Sanwa and japanese style parts flourished. I never went back after that.

I used to compete in a lot of small-time tournaments but, have long since retired from modern gaming and the competitive scene. The last fighter i played with the competitive mindset was UMVC3. I currently own no sticks or modern systems.


9 or 10. i can’t stop.

4 (soon to be 6). Unfortunately, no.

I’ve had 6, but right now I’m down to 2. I usually sell stuff I don’t need anymore and some of those were for consoles I don’t own. My rule is to always have two: one for me, one for visitors.

I own 10 sticks

1.TE round 1
2.TE chun li
3.Fightstick Pro
4.Hori VLX
5.ettoki omni
6.TE2 chun li
10.Versus Silent edition

I own 2 at the moment though im probably going to be selling one of them eventually.

  1. Mayflash Universal arcade stick (my primary stick which im still in the process of modding. Just gotta put a new coat of paint over the casing and some artwork printed.)

  2. X-Arcade dual stick (the one i plan on selling)

May end up getting a new stick along the way. Not sure which one yet.

Lol, only one at a time here. I sell one and then get another and suffer with the playstation controller until it arrives. haha!

I think i have about 15+, i dont use any of them.


Here are some other sticks

Woah!! Dude your collection is Sick @radio
I dream to have a sit down cabinet to play! But

I have 2, and I’ve thought about getting a 3rd, but I don’t play fighting games or shoot-'em-ups much nowadays.

  1. MadCatz SE for PS3, changed six of the buttons for Sanwas and the stick for a JLF.
  2. Hori RAP Hayabusa for Xbox One (the original red one), added a Brook UFB since I don’t own a XBO. I’m not completely sure why I bought this instead of just buying a RAP4 Kai, I saw it at a pawn shop and impulsed it. Looks different from everyone else’s at least.

I have about 25+ most are retail sticks from the past or hand built customs from various wood and metal workers from the community.
I only use 3 daily really
JLF VLX for general fighting games
myoungshin fanta TE2 tekken only
and madcatz VS with a LS56 for dodonpachi and shmup only

I have a few but I shuffle between them depending on my mood.

I have both chun Li Te sticks, Hori VLX kuro and one of the SFxT VS pro sticks.

Looking to setup a custom hit box with a small form factor to put more time into Tekken and Marvel plus it’s a little less noisy at night.