How long

Basically it’s just what it is, I’m trying to get into doing poetry slams. But of cores I’m only starting out like everyone else. I recent;y went to a bboy show and met a bboy named Remind and we cypherd for a bit and he said the stuf i was saying was good and i should make it a poem and do what I can to get them out there. So i’ve been follow allot fo your work and watching with a students eyes. So anyways Here goes man

How long

How many more rappers are going to talk about shooting guns
Leaving young boys a as fatherless sons
Woman forced to sell there bodies as husbandless moms
We?re so quick to judge, when we don?t know where their coming from

how many more MC?s are going to release CD?s that are whack.
Ya I herd it all before, you sell crack
Tiered of hearing that hip hop should remain black
What did we fight for, for 300 years?, Aren?t we?re better than that?

I herd of a time when the heart was in the beat
When MC?s flowed, the soul was herd in their speech
Kool herc cutting vocals playing break beats
Grad master Kaz had them clapping there hands and stomping their feet

An we went from that, to bragging about how we skeet
Got people from the suburbs, talking about being from the street
Every rapper claims to be original, but really its just a repeat
Aint none of them MC?s, just a bunch of creeps.

Where’s that sick flow of RUN DMC
Where’s that big daddy kane to blow up the scene
All these rappers are just out for the green
Projecting gangster life on the big screen

Few remember what rap stands for B
Rhythm And Poetry
And most people don’t even see
MTV has no real MC’s

See hiphop went from music that was so fresh
To mediocre shit, with no depth
And plastic candy cane rappers with no respect
Its time for hiphop to mentally reflect

So how long do we have to wait till this ice age is over
I think I time of real mc?s is in order
Call it what you want, call it hate
I just think its time for real MC?s to circulate!

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