How long would you wait before knocking this jackass out?


Seriously, its just a game. This is retarded and is not cool in anyway. Guy needs to get laid or laid the fuck out.

Some guy on here said that at the arcade, he taunted his opponent at the end of the round… and the guy got so pissed he straight up punched him and knocked him out. That was just for the in game taunt, but the way he’s actin here?

How long would it be before you knocked him out?

Didn’t he said something about the other guy talking shit? If not, then I would of told him to shut it or else it’s a swift punch to the throat.

I think I’d team up with him at Evo or something instead

Sometimes people ask me why I love Denjin Arcade.

I think this video sums it up pretty well.

I’m closing this under SRK forum rule 11 as regards potential threats of physical violence…