How long did it take for you to settle down?

So, I’ve been playing MvC 2 online lately, and for the first time today, I played U MvC 3 online (Pretty much because I’ve been playing MW 3, which is something that will stop) and yeah, I got raped. When I was playing, I just felt completely overwhelmed. It was as if all of the things I had been trying to figure out in the lab had just gone out the window and anytime I did land some type of it, I just ended up doing something really simple. And in MvC 2, I use Mag/Iron Man/Storm, and not too long ago, I’ve been able to do ROM consistently in the lab w/ Magnus. I know that Magneto is much more than doing ROM, but getting that down is certainly crucial… I go online and play, and at times I still kind of feel overwhelmed. Just doing basic things like tri dash, I mess up. I think its all just because I feel too jumpy or overwhelmed. I’m pretty sure tons of other players have felt this way in a crazy fast paced game like Marvel, but I’m sure it goes the same for other fighting games too. Just was curious to know how long it took some of you to be able to settle down, play with control, and actually do the things you do in the lab over and over in a real match.

Around two years or so.

UMvC 3 sucks online. It’s so laggy, and you can’t get the combos right. That might just be my internet connection, though. D:

im always getting better (i think…)

but to answer your question I feel that 3-6 months is a good enough time to go from noob to semi decent

Takes around 50 uses of a character to get used to there neutral game, 200-400 to get used to there mixups, resets and bnbs, after around 1000 times using the character you start to learn match up specifics and then anything after that is fine… Im talking from experience everyone is different