How long after XBOX ONE release should we expect a high-end arcade stick for it?

Other than the Mad Catz Killer Instinct TE FightStick, what other companies are likely to offer high-end fight sticks for the XBOX ONE when it’s released? Will some likely be available for preorder? If so, which brands should I look at?

Any responses will be appreciated.


None at the moment, it is far too early to have any serious development yet.
Anyways there only game being featured as a fighting game on the Xbone is Killer Instinct, and its being made by a studio with a horrible track record (double Helix)

Not very many, since there aren’t a whole lot of fighting games being announced for the new system. They’ll most likely release new products in conjunction with a major fighting game release, say for example, Street Fighter 5 or something.

It’s too early in the game for all this conjecture anyways.


Also there too many thread for all the next gen controller talks. I need to ask the mods if they could just to combine all the threads or make a ruling on the topic.
I can tell you now that EVO wills till be using the PS3 for the next few years at least.

The TE2 stick is going to be such a great stick you won’t even want to bother looking at other sticks from any other company if they make any.

@Gummo - Yes, but Can We Mod It? :stuck_out_tongue:

of course?

You can always mod anything

Anything can be modded, ANYTHING.

Any Mod takes a certain amount of Skill, Knowledge, Drive and Creativity. The harder the mod the more you would need of those 4 traits.
Also having the right tools, parts and materials would help greatly.

As long as the NEW Mad Catz TE2 has or can accept Standard arcade parts, we can figure out there rest easily.
And if not, we can still figure out who to make it all work.

Hori fight stick 3 is basically the shittiest thing ever invented.

It’s still better than the EX2.

Wouldn’t it be a smart idea to put in my 360 board, MC Cthulhu, a PiiWii and a PS4 board in the same stick?! A stick for literally every non MK occassion!

Would have been more Bob the Builder like. Oh well.

Hehe, that’s the response I was looking for… Hey, it was Friday - I was in a cheery mood, lol.

Anyway, I hope you didn’t take it the wrong way, Gummo. I’ve only been on here a few months, but the tales of your modding prowess are the stuff of legend… I have MAD respect for that! :slight_smile:

ah, I dropped the ball :frowning:


@Darksakul, never…say never.

Evo 2014 let’s go. Evo games on the Moneybox.

To be more serious, this is an American made fighting game and all of the other popular stick manufacturers are asians. Meaning they won’t give a shit. Only other thing will be custom stuff.

I don’t expect Hori to just bow out of the fight for next gen arcadestick market share. My guess is that somewhere down the road after more fighting games are announced we will hear from Hori and maybe even Quanba that they have something in the works. But, again, way too early to really be having this discussion.

Well maybe I shouldn’t say never. But Don’t hold your breath for games, arcade sticks or accessories for consoles that haven’t even been released yet.
Als the PS3 and Xbox 360 have alot of life in them