How is this game faring at your locals?

Every week, I go to my locals, and the setups are about the same:
5-8 Smash 4 Setups
0-1 Street Fighter Setups
1 Skullgirls Setup
2 Guilty Gear Xrd Setups
0-1 UMvC3 Setups

Even when the setup is there, no one seems to want to play. I haven’t played this game myself in about a year, so I sat down next to a guy messing around in training mode. We played a few, and it’s clear that he’s a newbie and doesn’t know a lot about the game. I wanted to stay and teach him, but I got called for my Smash 4 ranbat match. Later I go back, and another guy is there, but he says the game is ass and he was just sitting there. I convince him to play, but he clearly doesn’t enjoy the game, so we don’t play long. It doesn’t seem like anyone has interest in play this game where I live outside of 2-3 people that still adore it, and they feel lost at sea.

Is my scene, in Colorado Springs, an anomaly, or the norm?

Hey Karst! Long time no see. Marvel is still active here in Chicago.

Nice! Glad to hear it. How is life treating you? Still rocking the best Arthur on your teams? :slight_smile:

How does Smash fare at Ignite?

Things are going well. Arthur is still on a lot of my teams but my current main right now is morrigan/doom/strider. Smash is not usually played at ignite, but I’ve brought it a few times. There is a big scene for that here but it’s at other venues.

In north Carolina there is still a good amount of interest in marvel
It’s usually now

Last practice session at the local college had one set up for marvel
Only 3 playing
1 for ultra
2 for guilty gear
3 for smash brothers

Smash players are taking over. Marvel now demoted to “legacy game” status :frowning: