How is the game looking nowadays?

Still awaiting for a EU release…sigh

Just wanna know how the games shaping up nowadays?
There doesnt really seem to be much hype any more and numbers now seem to be dying in tournaments I’ve recently watched (big two, the break, WNF)
Is the game still doing well?
I understand a lot of the mass hype was because it was new I just really don’t want this to turn out like bb and skull girls before or even gets to England.

you know, talk like this gives people the mentality of “huh? the game is dying. I better play something else.”** SO STOP IT.**

The games does fine.

You should just play the game to have fun. Who care’s about how much hype the game brings and how many people play it in US tournaments. You’re in the UK it not like you’re able to enter them.
From what I read the online is godlike. So as long as people play it online there’s enough reason to keep playing it.

I’m from Holland and I’m also waiting to get this game. Feel free to add me.
Also what’s the release date in Europe. I’ve heard it should be tomorrow but the Persona Facebookpage never mentions September 7 as the game’s release date (or I’m effing blind)

It was rumored 7th but that got scrubbed by atlus.
And guys I’m not dissing the game at all, I personally can’t wait for it.
I’m still immensely excited for it, it’s just that the tournament scene is all I have to go by as the game isn’t out yet and I just want to know if it’s still active online etc as the streams are showing less players. That is all…

I enjoy it a lot. The netcode is solid, and I never have trouble finding a ranked match online.

Realistically it’s not ever gonna take over AE or umvc3’s spot. If you go to local tournaments/gatherings chances are you’ll always find someone to play against for AE/umvc3, but depending on your local scene there may be no one playing Persona, let alone what this game’s interest level will be in the next 4 - 6 months. If all this is fine, there should be no problem.

Honestly, I’m an old school gamer, I often don’t give a hoot about new games. This game is much more fun than SF4/MVC3 and IMO is a better game. It moves better, it plays better, the mechanics are insane but work really well together. I don’t care what the scene is but if people are ignoring this title because they buy into the who stigma of it being an “anime” game, it’s their loss. It’s a good game and I personally did not think much of this title until I played it myself.

It’s stupid fucking addicting. Every character has insane shit and is capable of big damage. This game shouldn’t work but it does.

I’d say this game is only behind marvel and sf4. I don’t believe there isn’t a single person playing persona in a scene. I believe the game will be at Evo 2013 and once it’s announced I think more people will play. Given all this, If you like the game you should buy it regardless and if it’s not something you’re going to enjoy then don’t. The online is pretty fun with little lag. Usually get games within seconds.

Actually, I could see this rivaling either one of those games.

SF and MVC have been around longer, so therefore, they are “go to” fighting games. If persona 4 arena had that kind of fgc build up since way back when, it’d be the same way.

Just need to give it time, because it’s amazing for this to be the first of it’s kind and also be so incredibly balanced and full of tools to use to play.

Hell, that alone is a milestone that SFIV needed to make SUPER and AE to reach. (And in my opinion, still didn’t.) Don’t even get me started on UMVC.

In today’s over saturated fg market having survived this long is no small feat. With new titles being released every 2 - 3 months (TT2 and DOA5 this month alone), most of those titles will be forgotten within 6 months max, yet AE and umvc3 is still here. We can’t say the same thing about Persona, and where it may be in the next 3 - 4 months, let alone Evo 2013. And with new titles continuing to be pumped out, each competing to draw in new players, it’s gonna be tough.

P.S. Whether Persona would have had the same following if it had been released around the time of vanilla sf4 is something none of us can say for certain, so it’s meaningless to consider. I understand Persona is doing very well in Japan, but the market and interests outside Japan are very different and a real factor in whether a game survives or not.

Stupid thread. Play the game and find out.