How is online PC play?

I’ve been thinking about buying the PC version. Was wondering how online PC play is. How long does it take to match? How are the servers. Thxx

It’s not great. If you have the option play on Xbox instead.

PC can be decent in endless games. You can skip all the little cutscene every time a match start or finish, which is nice. Easier to discuss with people since you have a keyboard( you need to friendlist everyone you want to talk too, no messages otherwise sadly ) so I’d say it’s a good platform for becoming better if you have a really big friendlist of good players.

But Ranked is laggy to all hell, the average skill level is lower, there’s less good players, and you can have issues appear outside of the game.

Still broken/bugged (your game client gets pinged by other players and locks up the screen periodically). Only way to circumvent the lag (assuming everything else is fine on your end) is to stick to private endless lobbies or play region-filtered ranked at a less busy time. When I play in the mornings it’s pretty good for some reason (probably because there’s far less players).

What exacerbates the problems even more is if there’s something off about the performance of one of the player’s client (like FPS drops or the aforementioned ping overloading causing stuttering) it affects both of you.

con got worse when the latest patch released
waiting for the ps4 vers now

It’s good, haven’t had any issues…most people having issues are ironically…rank players…some people just have bad connections due to the region they are in and/or service…which can be said with console…its a mental thing dude

give it a try if u have spare cash