How I lost contact for 2 weeks or Understanding 2-form authentication

After I anticipated my joystick coming in, suddenly I had a tough time posting. Something went wrong with both my old Mac and my Android simultaneously, but only in regards to SRK forums.

You can’t go from the main page to the forum page. If you lost your bookmark, you have to manually type “” on anAndriod to reloadthr Android app.

By the way, I’d like to enable 2 form verification. I’m trying to unify my password system, but it’s hard to change passwords without 2 factor.

It make no sense to put a QR code on a phone unless you use a computer webcam as .ac QR capture, so I assume.e is log in and request 2 factor on the device that has no camera. The rest of the steps ate unclear, like what you type in name (your SRK username perhaps) whether you use the phone authenutcator app or the text message, and where you type it is unclear, on the phone or Mac. And Andriifs don’t have an easy cross-system copy and paste. And you’re under a 30 second time limit, and that’s if you’re lucky. Sometimes I had 5 seconds to start. And if you don"'t get it right, you have to generate a new QR code

The instructions are not very clear.

By the way, I do know my original password, and was told someone from out of state accessed my password.

I understand in 3G, in Cleveland, that my closest net link center was Kansas City, and it 4Gnit is closer in Michigan.

Why I'm on cellular at home.

And, I do have a better cellular network than a home network. I’ve decided to make lemonade and rate games based on performance under low net conditions. The website is

One Xbox 360 Capcom fighting game was awesome, the other awful. They were SF4 and UMvC3. Good rating is 56ok. Bad rating is 56ko. Which one do you think did better under sub 1Mb/s in 250 kb/d out Xbox 360 conditions? (Of course you could cheat by going there or googleing it.). I’m probably the only low bandwidth gaming survival guide.