How hard is the KOF XIII Arcade? (I just got my ass kicked by KOF 98UM)

We don’t have one in our area yet. I thought i was decent at KOF 98 until I got the UM arcade recently. It’s hard even on the first level (usually the first 3 levels are so easy). Kim just rape my whole team 0_0

It takes a second to get used to. XIIi plays really different then 98. Honestly once you get used to the controls and style it’s much easier then 98UM. I lost early 1st time I went through it and I barely lost to the final boss on my 1st run in XIII.

I just played the XIII arcade version, the heck, it was so easy :stuck_out_tongue: , the ai seems retarded, i just use d- D df-C or short hop a-b-c-d with Kula, the computer seems not to be able to block anything. Especially Kula df-c, u can just abuse that She just 1v3 every match and win 0.0