How good should my internet connection be if I want to take online matches more "seriously?"

For the most part, I personally stayed away from online matches since I would usually pick up bad habits due to lag (even when playing with people near me since the download and upload speeds that AT&T give me are only 1.3 and 0.3 MBPS) and stuck to playing BB and other games offline with my casual scene. Basically, my online experience when it comes to FGs has been mediocre at best.

But when I played BB at my cousin’s place in Cerritos a while back, there was practically no lag and then I asked him what was his internet connection was and he said his download and upload speeds were around 30 and 10 respectively.

My interest in playing fighters online revitalized but a connection of that quality is a bit much for me and my family to pay on a monthly basis, so what’s the least you guys would recommend?

latency is largely what matters

Personally I don’t know why many people like to dismiss Online play. While online play will never be as good as offline, one can still use online to gain certain experience especially match ups, it’ll be wise though to take every experience with grain of salt. Ranking and leaderboards are the stuff that should be taken not seriously. ( I bet GGPO user will vouch for this)

I’m no expert on networking but one thing every one should know is that most people internet are not optimize. this may be due to number of things. I wouldn’t recommend altering services till you find out if your getting the most out of your service. Since you mention BB im assuming your on a console. You can easily find out if your console network set up is good doing an internet test. Each system have thre level of connection

*Strict- being that your netork is barly stable and you’ll lose connection occasionally. (indicating poor network)
*Moderate- Being that your connection is stable but not at maximum performance (indicating adequate network)
*Open- Meaning your connection is running with little to no problems. (indicating optimize network)

Hopefully this help in some way.(correct me if wrong)

<50ms ping and rollback netcode.

Bandwidth i.e mbps is largely irrelevant btw. I don’t think many games are pushing more than ~1mbps of data.

Think about it: you have some scrub who just bought a game. He’s a scrub so he doesn’t really know much about how to play, and his execution and timing suck. Good enough to beat his fellow scrub friends offline, and the dude feels pretty good about beating the cpu. Then he gets online with people who know how to play, gets fuckin’ destroyed…rather than blame himself, his first thought is “Online is ass. Rather than learn from my asswhippings what I’m doing wrong, I’ll just stick to offline, where I’m SURE to win every time against my friends…who mainly play Call of Duty and Rock Band.”. Online exposes you to players way more skilled than what you can find locally in most cases (I don’t know about you guys but where I live, unless you find someone from srk in your area, chances are good you’ll find few gamers you know play fighters, besides yourself).

Just as long as you are direct connected with no one else using the Internet, you’ll have a great connection. Your Internet speed is irrelevant as long as you have some form of high speed Internet.

I’m curious, how can I check this? :slight_smile:

if ps3 then go to internet coonection test. In the test result searched for NAT type.
Type 3 (poor)
type 2 ( Adequate)
type 1 (optimize)

on the xbox you’ll do the same how ever after the test you’ll get message saying your connection is either
Restrtict or Moderate.
Restrict (poor)
Moderate (Adequate)

Other wise if no message than it means it optimize.

If you found out your connection not optimize than your best bet is to review your connection but as said before, Many things can cause this.

This is the best route to go in most cases.

3 bars atleast

I don’t have access to my PS3 at the moment right now but I think I remember seeing that the NAT type is 2 but now I want to optimize it to 1 but how? Would port forwarding work?

Hey Ichipoo, I already made a BB netplay optimization guide on Dustloop, check it out. It’s a sticky thread in the Blazblue Online Forum.

Thanks, will check it out.

Rule 2. Make sure no-one else is using the internet connection.

Yea, go hard-wired.

Taking net play seriously in America? lolololololol
Well, there’s your issue.

You don’t even know what game he’s talking about :blush: