How good is the pc version of this game

i am interested in buying the ultimate edition on steam and i would like someone to share their experience of the game. i know its good but i am looking at the net code and if there are any problematic glitches that would ruin the game.

I will try to be the most explicit I can be.

  1. So far I haven’t notice any game-breaking bug/glitch that breaks the game or servers as an advantage to any character.
  2. The net-code is bad, you need a really powerful connection to play in good conditions.
  3. As for the PC version, it directly supports the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and any controller you attach to the game.
  4. You don’t need a really powerful rig (computer) to run the game, but a decent one. Avoid at any cost running the game in a integrated GPU.
  5. Sometimes at the start of the battle, the game have a mini-lag of 1 second, then it runs smooth. I don’t know why.