How exactly is KO's genei-jin shoulder combo done?

I don’t know if it’s just me but I can’t really nail the guy with continuous shoulders, either a shoulder misses or it just makes them switch sides. What exactly is the correct way of doing this as well as the combo into activation?

keep doing repeated dp+hp when outside of the corner, and dp+mp when you got your opponent in the corner, and you have to wait a little bit to keep juggling them, or it misses

lol yeah, using HP in corner will make it switch sides :slight_smile: But continunous shoulders in corners you use MP.

If you want continuous shoulders but not in corner use HP not MP.

But its already been stated, GL.

Yeah I got it. I dunno, it tends to differ depending on character and also how does one setup into it? Lp, lk, mp xx activate gj, I’ve seen pyrolee go for standing mp, standing fierce and then shoulders but that doesn’t seem at all guaranteed, that or easy to fuck up.

You can do > st. fp > shoulder if you’re afraid of missing the mp>shoulder.

But it’s really easy once you learn how to handle it. Here’s what you can do to make it somewhat easier.

Normally if the opponent you would face would be in the corner you would hold forward and then press mp>f+fp, right?

Well, like always, hold forward when activating the GJ and press mp and then just do an hp-hadoken. A shoulder will come since you’ve hold forward. And afterwards it’s all about the wgf. It’s really easy and should be something you never miss if you want to be a descent yun-player.

The easist way to combo into anything midscreen is Chain, XX GJ, Cr.MP, St.HP, MP shoulder, HP shoulder to corner.

Well, for me.

lp lk mp xx GJ mp hp dp.hp
hp will miss on dudley

i learned this from KO
lp lk mp xx GJ mp dp.hp x n