How exactly does meter gaining work?

We all know that you gain meter from hitting your opponent, being hit, and doing TAC, as well as that one assist. But what exactly decides how much meter you gain? What is it that makes certain characters like Magneto “Batteries”? Is it the amount of a damage a character inflicts that does it (Hulk), or is it just the amount of hits they land in a combo (Chun)? Or is each individual move coded with a specific amount of meter it gains/gives on hit/block?

Basically, how does meter gaining actually WORK?

Marvel vs Capcom 3/Game Elements/Hyper Meter - Shoryuken Wiki, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Strategy and More!

You pretty much answered your own question.

I think his question is more on the lines of, do all Heavy’s generate the same amount of meter? Does the same combo after a grab generate the same amount of meter if there was no grab. He obviously understands what moves generate meter, i think his question is more how does the game determine how much meter an action gives: unilateral across characters, damage based, button based etc. For instance does Hulks heavy give the same amount of meter as Shuma’s H which hits 6 times but for considerably less damage.

From my understanding, the meter you gain is either predetermined by the properties of the move or reflects the unscaled damage that move does.

This is about right. However, that first link PkMn trainer provided us with actually answers all of those, so I thank you for that, Trainer.

No problem! :smiley: