How exactly am i suppose to use ken?

Well I just started playing 3S. it’s a nice compliment to MvC2. I wanna learn how to use keen so which super is best for him and what’s a good strat for him. i just keep trying to land crossups. which one of his varioues kicks are good? i tend to pick him on shoryu reppa.

SA3 is the way to go, no other… u can link it of…

try to get someone in the corner and try strong,fierce,jab srk, jab srk… requires some training… never throw fireballs… well only if u know ull hit em… etc. etc.

u can’t link SA3 off of, you can cancel it, not link it. you can link the sa3 off a though.

fuck cancelling and linking, i keep mixing em, can i help it =/

That’s ok, lots of noobies make that mistake.

-uhhh…Doom…buddy, strong,fierce,jab srk, jab srk doesnt work on everybody. Too tired to type out which characters it works on, i’m just gonna say 1/2 of them.

  • and doom…buddy…why would you end a combo with a fireball?

-strong,fierce, jab srk, jab srk works on elana and q anywhere on the screen

-throw fireballs. EX ones are good. Normal ones strong,fierce xx fireball XX sa3 gets you good meter, and deals good damage. That’s his bread and butter. Without the fireball, it does just a bit more damage, but you get less meter.

-Ex hurricane is great for stun. I still dont use it.

-SA3 is good because

  1. you get 3 of them
  2. you can do an EX move, and potentially still have up to 2 supers remaining.
  3. the meter is short, it charges fast.
  4. great range.

-SA2 is not-so-good because

  1. you get one.
  2. you do an EX, you got no super
  3. takes forever to charge
    4)bad range.

Im sorry im noob to 3s whats SA SA ect. ect… ANd whats EX hurrican is that when u crossup with the Hurricane kick? Thanks and flame at me if U like I dun care. :smiley:

SA = Super Art (one of the 3 selectable supers)
Ken’s are
SA1 = Shoryureppa
SA2 = Shinryuken
SA3 = Shippu (Kicks -> ends in hurricane kicks that go vertical)

Ex hurricane kick is when you hit 2 kick buttons and he turns flashy yellow (think mvsc2 supers… I accidently did 1 when I first started playing) You can EX a lot of moves but there still are some that can’t be EX’ed. You can go to to learn basic things.

Basic break down of Ken by CRAZY_SAGAT

Play footsies using his c.MK and not be punished for it. Mind you you dont dash righ tinfornt of the guys face, your just asking for it then :D. Also use Ken’s sweep against guys who like to dash a lot. It has decent recovery and gives you enogh time to get into the air for either an overhead meaty or crossover setup. when you are air battling attack early. Throw out the HK or hurricane kick before you reach the guy so that he is forced either to parry or get smacked ( unless your facing CHUN-LI :mad: )

Best Super Art is SAIII

Not crazy damage but it is decent enough to be used perfectly. But its realy purpose is that it can be cancelled off almost any of Ken’s moves.

You can make a combo up like say J.HK, S.MP, S.HP xx SAIII
and the list can go on and on.

Best thing to do is throw out c.MK and when you land one cancel it into a SAIII. That way you can be safe if they block the tip of it and if they get hit by it BOOM they get smacked.

When playign Ken always be ready to use that super.

Next his EX hurricane kick. If done in the air it can throw you right across the screen in like 2 seconds and behidn the opponent too. I like to use it in order to upset other characters moves.

Say you got Yang getting ready to throw out some rekkas. The EX hurricane kick comes out so fast you can stop that shit in no time and you get 6 hits out of it :).

Also Ken has an amazing crossover (j.MK) which like most others of his moves can cancel into his SAIII :smiley:

Other than that makes sure you can DP and you’ll be fine

not that it matters much (probably), but can’t Ken’s c.FK (low medium kick) be reversed if blocked? eg by another Ken’s shipuujirai…

Yes, it can.

Isn’t this something they messed with on DC? i.e. A lot more moves can do it on DC than on the arcade?

Oh, and in response to C-Royd, one case where it can be good to end a combo with a fireball: Strong-Fierce xx EX Fireball. If you don’t have a super, and know that jab DP won’t combo, this is the only other move that gets you a knockdown.


Is it? Personally I haven’t noticed any difference, except that it seems harder to do on DC because of the lag. But then again it’s possible, lots of stuff is messed up on DC.

i find makotos SA1 is harder to reverse shoto low forwards with on DC than on arcade but it SEEMS u can do it from farther away. Dont know if this has something to do with difference in sprite size on dc…

oh yea, NEVER throw random fireballs or random sweeps against chun li with meter when playing as ken ^ ^.

cr. short. s. jab is good pressure up close… if jab hits: jab srk, otherwise…

-walk back a little, walk forward, throw
-dash back, low forward super if u see whiff
-cr. strong, super on reaction
-walk forward tiny bit like your going to throw, short short super
-strong -fierce chain
-just walk back out of their throw range and block :stuck_out_tongue: !

Good stuff guys, I’m just starting with Ken as well. What’s some good wake-up mix-ups and stuff off a knock down?

Wakeup (You):
Try to stay away from using SRK or a Super Art when you’re waking up. There are more times when it will be a burden rather than a benefit. When you get taken down, watch your opponent carefully. When you see an “Over-Head” animation begin, you should automatically have your High-Parry ready for it. When you see no “Over-Head” animation then it’s a disadvantage for you because it means 1 of 3 things:

-They will try a meaty low hit
-They will try a throw set-up
-They will (If they don’t know your style) be patient and wait to see what your reation is. Then use that information on the next takedown.

Check out the Kara-Throw article to find out why: “Crouching LP+LK” is something you must start learning.

Wakeup (Them):
There are some very good examples above. Throw set-ups, and super art “Baits” are what you want to get your opponent to fear. When they’re clueless, frustrated, and afraid… you can see it. The majority may resort to coming out with a SRK or Super Art on wake-up (One of the reasons why this is bad). If you are aware, you can see and feel the opponent making the motions for it when they’re getting up. That should be a HUGE signal right there. Either block their wake-up (or parry it if you want to really make them scared). Keep note that Ken’s EX-SRK WILL cross you up if you block it. So be prepared to either step to you’re preferred side, or just accept the change in position.

Bah! Them waking up should be more like Stick out fwd+HK or fwd+MK or MK or awy+MK Or fidget walk Jab SRK. Haha beating their wake ups with SRK is like the pimp slap of 3S.

Then Again I play like a meaningfull idiot. It Safer in the end to just watch what they do, if they block the first time just watch only from throw range :smiley:

Playin Ken?
Hunt, Hunt, Hunt, Hunt And Keep Hunting

Daigos Advice :slight_smile:

Daigo = Teh rockz0rs OMG!! I Even PIck His color LOLOLOLOL

Or ya know not. Daigo is great, amazing even9and I do pick his color) But I’d rather take pointers from Wong his mind is so sharp its painfull

how many times can u shoryuken with small punch… i mean link spunch shoryukens… i have been tryin hard … i just manage to link twice… and thats it…