How EX meter works

Building meter for Sim has a very important role in a match.

He can build it very easily just zoning with fire and s.HP while enemy generally helps Sim to build more trying to approach and blocking/eating his limbs.
Sim’s super is pretty good, and should be available asap.
Ex blast could be very useful against some annoying jump-in (like Rufus dive kick),
Ex fire has the longest range and it’s useful to push away your opponent or to finish a match,
Ex flame does an awesome damage and can be combo with b.hp.

So let’s try to understand how to gain meter faster:

**MOVE			Blocked	Hit	Released	Chip Dmg**

Any LP/LK		10	20	0		0
Any MP/MK		20	40	0		0
Any HP/HK		30	60	0		0
B.HP			30+10	60+20	0		0
Throw			0	40	0		0
Mummy			30	60	0		0
Drill			20	40	0		0
Fire LP/MP/HP		10	20	20		12/17/20 (EX->24)
Flame LP/MP/HP		20	30	30		20/22/25 (EX->40)
Blast	(Any)		/	40	/		30
Enemy's any LP/LK	5	10	0		0
Enemy's any MP/MK	10	20	0		0
Enemy's any HP/HK	15	30	0		0

Blocked: meter gained when opponent blocks that move
Hit: meter gained hitting opponent with that move
Released: meter gained by performing that move (don’t care if it will hit or not)
Chip Dmg: chip damage done by that move

Last 3 records describe how much meter you gain if opponent hits you.

Note: an EX bar is 240 meter points.

You can easily calculate how much meter you can gain with a combo or a string.

For example:

  1. bnb: j.hp, xx flame lp
    damage from 20 to 214
    meter: 60+40+(30+30) = 160. (2/3 EX bar)

  2., b+lk xx flame mp
    damage from 17 to 182
    worst meter : 20+10+(30+20) = 80. (1/3 EX bar)
    best meter: 40+20+(30+30) = 120. (1/2 EX bar)

nice info. but is it really correct that you gain a bit of meter after blowing off a bar for an ex fire? as in, if you have exactly one ex bar, shoots an ex fire and it hits, you’ll have 30 points of ex meter and not none?

ops, of course it’s wrong, I’ll update now :smile:

Good shit.


If your opponent has no energy and he whiffs an ultra or hp dragonpunch, the best hit is b.hp. It gives 1/3 bar for the next round.

Does the teleport give meter?

unfortunately no

Thanks alot man