How does ranked matches work in SSF4: AE?

I have been playing allot of Street fighter 4 AE rank matches and have been trying to figure out what they have changed to the ranking system in SSTF 4 AE.

If someone can post a link to how the ranking system works in AE or just type the differences here in this form that would be nice.

I have been trying to find out how it works but have not been able to find any information about Street fighter 4 AE rank match system.

I just would like to know how the AE rank matches work including why there are 4 number and not just 2 and why is seems to takes longer to get to the next Rank/getting Player points.

Thank in advance to the one who can answerer this question.

The numbers next to PP and BP are your ranking among others players for that value.

Ranking up and whatnot appears to be longer likely do to the greater concentration of players starting out in the same level. Less points to go around. As the game ages I imagine the lower ranks will go by a little faster. Just speculation really.

So is that what I am ranked as far as everyone who plays on Xbox live? and is it harder to get BP point and lose BP points or is that based off your PP point?