How does necro fight off yun or makoto

just wondering cause when i fight a makoto or a yun
i usely beat them but thats usely
the rest i jsut get beat into a pulp

so anyone got any tips?

Hmm… pick SA2? =D Seriously though, I’ve never really had this match up from Necro’s side. I have problems with getting rushdown characters off my Necro. IIRC these are some of Necro’s worst matchups.

hehe i get matched up alot with a yun and makoto
but i usely read the players move and how they use the character
and yea maybe SAII might work since people cant parry taht thing
and is a guarantee win

It ain’t that hard to beat Makoto actually. Just know your drill kicks and you’re set. Also, use SA3 against her. Put some pressure on her.

It’s very hard against a good genei-jin, but you should always use SA1 against him. Magnetic Storm locks his whole dive kick-game down. Use drill kicks on him to and pressure the fucker down. When you got Yun in the corner, there is nothing he can do.

That’s the basic story :slight_smile:

same tried it today
not working good for me now
but i will get better at it
thanks SAI is def a good one to use against a yun
Makoto not good but i did counter here SA2 today with my SAI
pretty easy just gotta be exact
but id stick with a SA3

makoto is the only character I use SA2 against. She’s random like magneto, you gotta be random too beat that shit. Plus she can dash under some of his best pokes into sa3. Which sucks.

yea tahts true
makoto is a tricky but yet easy one to get by
i kinda owned a makoto player that owned me before
but it was a pretty close match

Don’t let yun get meter. :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Vs Makoto, SA2’s okay since it’ll make her more wary of abusing karasukas. If you pick SA3, you can throw out b+MPs to keep her from dashing in. If it hits, cancel into super. =)

Necro’s back dash is pretty quick, so you can use it to run away from an activated Genei-jin or after Makoto’s hayate to avoid a karasuka. Don’t always do it though, or you could eat a hayate. :wink:

good advice. Also make sure to use those dive kicks to your advantage against yun. He can have a hard time anti-airing them. But watchit if he starts to parry them, that can lead to trouble.

my new account other one sumthin ghapapned

yea use dive kicks
i use them i get every yun into the corner then POKITY POKE POKE POKE

vs yun (or yang):

corner him asap. yun has great control mid-screen so use moves that can knock him to the corner (ie lp tornado hook, db fp, snake fang, denpa, throws.). once you get him to the corner, do mixups of tornado hooks, UOH, dive kicks (use the fierce kick because mk and lk is risky) and most importantly: throws. good Yun players have a hard time getting out of corners, and are weak against throw mixups. also, you have to have some sort of knowledge of what would come from a good Yun player. SA1 is the best choice if the Yun player mindlessly rushes down.

vs makoto:

same thing with yun. you have to have good knowledge and have good parrying skills. get your opponent to the corner ASAP and mix it up. Makoto is pretty easy to juggle for a Necro player (ie PinoAB7 video). so the strong point for necro is to juggle her whenever you get the chance to while you’re mixing up. sa3 is the best choice to go for.