How does my Cody stand up?

just recently got a HD PVR and started recording matches, just picked up cody 3 weeks ago he is hella fun to use, i was wondering if you guys could watch couple of my matches and let me know what im doing wrong or right. Thanks, and im ok with critiscim im a big boy! lol


this ignorance is kinda… unbelievable…

haha hopefully a mod puts this in the proper place but anyways to critique you based on the first 2 rounds.

  1. you need to work on your hit confirm combo because you shouldn’t ever miss cr.lp cr.lp or cr.lp cr.lp unless there’s lag.
  2. take notice when you’re given punish opportunities. If you land a focus crumple or he misses a flashkick/srk/whatever and if you go for a hit confirm you’re limiting you’re damage potential. At least do cr.hpxxhp.criminal.
  3. towards the end of r2 you started to use more which is kind of important because that guile wasn’t respecting your anti airs.
  4. If you wanna walk up and do ex zonk make sure its point blank during his wake up because most peoples natural instincts upclose is to tech or reversal.
  5. get in the habit of watching if you’re crosses up. If it does go into> xx whatever. If it doesn’t then put pressure.
  6. work on those frame traps. That guile was up in your face because you didn’t scare him from being up close. At least do cr.lp cr.lp as your first frame trap.
  7. You’re using a pad I bet from the way you’re playing.
  8. work on those footsies!! you’re rock is a good poke tool also.

Co2 …ur a good man…better then me

ah don’t say that lol I usually ignore critiquing threads because I feel that if you can’t criticize yourself it’ll be hard to learn from others criticism. I’ve criticized myself enough to the point where I know what I need to be doing, but I lack the training for proper muscle memory and reactions.

Maybe we could make a thread about what we lack and our own criticism. Fuck it I’m going to make one now.

thanks for the tips, also there are other videos where i hit my BnB combo im just off with it sometime, i only been playign cody for 3 weeks , i also been reading up the foward medium punch and frametraps thats where im trying to improve my pressure saw some nice cody videos on the tube, thanks for feedback and i need some tips, thanks