How does MOV do this?

at about 7:17…basically after the super, it’s a back dash, into forward walk, and then like a down parry…with no button inputs in that whole section…

BAM EX lightning legs…WTF?!?:wow:

nvm i figured out how to do it :frowning:

Do you mind unveiling the “secret”? :wonder:

i think he used negative edge in between the dash back…then walked forward then tapped kick repeatedly…this is just my 2 cents…ive done it before and this is how i got it out…but im no chun li player but it may work

EDIT: oh sorry what i said may work (dont take my word for it)
but i just reviewed the vid and i saw MOV crouch RLY quickly before doing the EX LL’s…so maybe in between those frames he began to tap the kick repeatedly

I think it’s throw (press 2 times KK or KKK during throw recovery), dash back (press 2 times KK or KKK during dash back), then walk forward, press and KK or KKK. I think you can also split it up and do 1 KK press during the throw recovery and 3 during the dash back.

I feel there’s something about pressing down before doing the 5th kick press to get the Lightning Legs, but I’m not exactly sure.

he couldve snuck a kick in right there…good stuff though i found out just now that you can sort of charge partition with the lighting legs…rly good to know

Link is not working.

Can someone please post another one. Thanks

There was one other vid (Coop 7 Best Matches with MOV beasting everyone) where he throws Boss (Yun) into the corner. After the throw, MOV moves a step forward, crouches, and then as Boss is waking up (he didn’t quickstand) MOV walks backwards and Lightning Legs suddenly come out.

Haven’t been able to try and see how this is done, so if anyone figures it out pls let me know. The fact that Boss didn’t quickstand makes it even more stunning as to how long u can hold the charge.

u can walk back and forth as long as u just tap fowerd and dont hold it u keep the charge. also when u crouch u can keep charge of the kick longer

Nice, thx for the input.

does anyone have the frame data for how long you can keep the charge by using the tapping/crouching technique and also the amount of time the charge is held without using that technique for comparison?
standard charge partitioning is about 10 frames before you lose charge but this feels allot longer, anyone know?