How Does Judgment Determine the Winner

I was just reading through the Evo tornament rules and came across this:

I always thought it was 100% random, is there something I’m missing?

Theres only one thing I know about Judgment that might be important to your question. That the winner is determined differently on the arcade version than it is determined on the ps2 version. I don’t know any details though.


Oh yea, I remember hearing that only the first player will win on the arcade version, but it may be random on ps2. Not 100% sure though.

I heard that’s total BS deadpool, im sorry.

My guess is that the player with the higher grade in the match (or more points maybe?) wins judgment. Player 1 doesn’t always win. Hah, to me, judgment seems like the other guy always wins… ALWAYS. :arazz:

the player with the highest grade.

keep in mind the grading scale is so fucked up you get points for whiffing UOH’s and lose points for whiffing normals.

judgement uses the grading system rules but applies tham only to the last round, not to the whole match.

If everything’s even in the hidden grade points (really really looooow chances of that happening) win goes to either 1p or to the player with an ongoing streak iirc.

um… i think that Judments are determinated by “how you usse…”, cause in a Chun vs Ryu od Yun (i think, ^^U) and you don’t do anything, Chun ALWAYS losses the jugment. ^^U

Still seems a little unfair to me, I think it would make more sense to re-do the match. Especially with so much at stake.

Well its def not who has more points because I’ve lost when i’ve had more points. So it’s prob on grade.

Check Bust Karate Dojo’s Judgement Explained

Exactly. Random-ass 3s doesn’t need to be decided by more random judgement. In fact, it’s so fucking stupid I’m sure the only reason it’s used is for time constraints.

Man, what is Evo doing?? You can’t switch supers after a win, you can be forced to choose double blind if your opponent wants to, and judgment is the way to decide a winner? That’s like the worst rule-set possible!

I’m not exactly the president of the macro fanclub either. One-button throws and EXes FTL.

Just because it’s a console tournament doesn’t mean we should trust the game’s judgement for various things over the players more than before. It’s sad that “Gill is banned” even has to be mentioned.

Leaving it to judgement is such a bad idea. Its really unfair, some characters ALWAYS get a lower grade. Characters like Dudley and Q seem to have an automatic grade increase when they win. Redo’ing the match should be the only option.

Ugh yes this is pretty stupid. Akuma always gets low grades

I thought they do replay the match, isnt that what happened between Ricky and Daigo? Unless they changed the rules recently…

ummm >.> I dont think this game was ever even suppose to have high tier.
its impossible for the game to read higher tier status 0_o.

Uh yeah this is about the most ridiculous theory I’ve heard yet.

[media=youtube]htSoPpgItIw"[/media] - Interesting match involving judgement.

I’m not sure but I think the judgement/grading system rates you more highly the more EX moves you perform, which would of course put Akuma at a disadvantage since he can’t perform EX moves.

:rofl: Looks like EVO is made of fail this year. I might have to quit 3s is this bullshit catches on.

Stop complaining. Most of you aren’t going to evo anyway.