How does Gen best punish EX Messiah?

Considering he has three different follow ups and can alter the timing, it frustrates me how I can get no decent guaranteed punishes on Rufus’s EX Messiah. I know that if you time it perfectly you can do a crumpling FA against his overhead and low attacks, but the LK version shatters armor as we all know, so doing that is a bit risky (especially if he has 2 EX bars and Ultra stocked), but is there some smart way to deal with all versions (even the delayed ones)?

I also noticed you can do Mantis U1 against both LK and MK follow-ups, but it misses a lot for the overhead one (maybe it always hits if you delay it, but then you risk eating a quicker follow up).

I REALLY hate this matchup. Rufus has an easier time getting in, deals obscene damage, has a far superior pressure game AND safer pressure breakers thanks to EX Messiah. Sure, Gen has better pokes but it’s not exactly risk free to do them against Rufus – plus Rufus has insane reach on cr hp (punishable by Super, I found out today).