How does Fighting Game Enthusiasm work?

(sorry for the extremely “formal” thread title)

Like most of you people i’m sure, probably my favourite genre of games is fighting games ever since I braved SF2T on the SNES. A few weeks ago I realised just how amazing the MvsC2 soundtrack was and I promptly got the whole album which has become one of my most listened albums now (thanks to and ultimately, made me want the game, it’s a rarity on the PS2 now with the game going for 30 second hand on eBay usually which made me start thinking economically.

  • MvsC2 costs 30 for the PS2

  • A sega Dreamcast, renowned for being the Fighter’s console costs around that second hand.

  • We all know what certain Sega Dreamcasts are capable of :wgrin:

So finally, i’ve got a dreamcast sitting next to me, currently playing MvsC2 and Third Strike and thoroughly enjoying it. This leads me to the initial question.

Fighting the computer is fun, nice and challenging (especially on a crappy Dreamcast pad). But this offline play sure is lonely, what exactly does it take to get into fighting games. This forum is an example that there’s clearly a busy community for fighting gamers and I find it hard to believe that Evo 2007 is the only chance you get to play against other players (apart from the few online fighting games which are actually worth playing).

Do you guys actually just play against the computer for a majority of your gaming hours because im wondering if purchasing an arcade stick (which for a dreamcast is expensive in the UK) for the sole purpose of making my special moves slightly easier (and authentic?) would be wasted since the computer would take the majority of it’s clickity thunder.

Sorry for the wall of text

World Matchmaking. get out there and be active in the community.

gotta be social, go out to random dudes pads and start playing. Or find arcades around you.

And be sure to RSVP. Nothing sucks like walking into a guy’s house uninvited and getting hypervipered.

Where do you live in the UK? Check out, it’s the centre for the UK fighting game scene.

i did not know the Mvc2 was the most listened to soundtrack:confused:

all i can remember about the soundtrack was:
“Im gonna take for a riiiiiiiiddddddeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” - no homo:wasted::rofl:

I like the airship stage music :wasted:

Don’t forget the song to the countdown when you lose.
“Don’t Give Up”

Hmmm…I dunno. Sounds like something you freebase.

The official DC stick, which is one of the best sticks for the DC is quite cheap on ebay.

It’s worth it because the DC pads really suck.


Yeah like Polarity said, come to If you’re not in London or Manchester, you’re going to struggle to play in an arcade with fighting games. If you mainly like Marvel and Streetfighter (like me) your only options are the London arcades. We hold Ranking battles for Marvel, so if you’re not to far away come along and get involved.

If you’re desperate for instant comp- go find some netplay.