How does Chris G hit confirm into DP?

Is it even a hit confirm or is it an option select? I don’t get how he can land it so consistently. It’s like he throws it out there and reacts on contact.

You should put this kinda stuff in the Q&A section please. And your most likely talking about just buffering the dp input with a so if it does hit it the dp will come out and if it whiffs it wont. Some people can hit confirm it though.

If everyone that had a question posted in that thread this sub forum would be empty. Isn’t what you described an option select? I mean I have to hit the punch button for it to come out so I don’t get how it won’t if I press it during the cr mk.

You do 3 mk, hit confirm it, and 236 hp, works everytime

I guess I’m too old to react quick enough to hit confirm a 1 hit move.

You do the cr MK and input the DP and simply press punch if you notice it hit

How many frames do you have to cancel DP on a regular hit?

You do it quickly enough so that the srk doesn’t come out because your will still be recovering from the whiff. If the srk comes out and you didn’t make contact, you simply aren’t doing it quick enough. Doing jab and short buffer HP srk is pretty awesome too, but for those you need to hold the HP or else it’ll come out every time since the lights are so quick to recover. Hope this helps.

In my experiences it’s less of a hit confirm and more of an educated risk. You learn the situations in which the is very likely to hit and buffer the dp(I use :df: :d: :df: myself). Chris G is a better player than I am, and may just have godlike reactions, but I, and I’d believe most players, couldn’t set a dummy to random block and do it in pure confirms with overwhelming consistency.

On a related note, how many frames is the hit freeze in this game? I would imagine the amount of time you have to react would be the sum of the freeze time and remaining active frames of crMK?

You can’t hope to do this online. There is lag and there’s no way you can hit confirm with that.

Hit confirming isn’t as hard as it looks. And confirming one hit isn’t something that no one does (see 3rd strike). It’s harder to set a dummy and confirm hits then it is on an actual opponent because anticipation comes into play. If you anticipate that the next attack will hit on a dummy, you’ll find yourself inputting the DP when you shouldn’t have.

The safe way to do it and probably the way Chris G does it, is you want to throw cr. M kick out there and input the buffer, then react to something you’re opponent does before the Cr.M kick reaches you’re opponent.

If for example, your opponent throws out a button right after you do, that can be used as your hit confirm. At that point you know your crouching M. kick is going to counter hit your opponents attack, so you can follow it up with a DP. Another example is if your cr. M kick hits your opponent while they’re standing. If they’re standing, it can’t be blocked!

^ I do what MoOns said, as in buffering in the motion so that you just press HP when you see you’re going to hit. Also, if I know I’m not getting whiffed punished, I put out a cr. mk just beyond hit range and just buffer the DP fully, so that it they walk forward they get blown up. This is probably prone to whiff punishing however.

Using anticipation is not a hit confirm, that’s what I was getting at before. You learn the situations where you’re going to land the, but the majority of people can’t just consistently do it off pure reaction to the hit landing.

watching their walking helps a lot too. You can learn when people like to move forward, maybe after blocking something. If you can find those key points you can hit them while they aren’t blocking

or use it as a punish if you’re out of range for anything heavier.

an easy way to think of it is like an unsafe ryu/ken xx Fireball