How do you wake up? Coffee? Breakfast?

So how do you guys wake up in the morning? Do you eat breakfast every morning like me? Or do you skip solid food and go straight your preferred coffee? Or are you one of those people who skip breakfast altogether?

Coca-Cola and chicken burger I microwave, sometimes Coca-Cola and some chips.

Not to get on my soapbox but from a health & fitness standpoint only a fool skips breakfest(unless you overslept). Consistent, scheduled, PREDICTABLE meals through-out the day are what keeps the body confident in its food supply and away from the dreaded starvation mode that screws over so many.

Oh crap…sorry gets off soapbox.

Anyway i begin every day with breakfest AND coffee. Oooooh yes, coffee! I drink it straight with zero added sweeteners or other stuff. I do ice it down a tad, i want to be able to drink it freely without burning myself.

I usually just have a cup of coffee. Sometimes I’ll eat some toast.

I usually drink some oj.

I only have time on Sunday to make breakfast…and I’m OFF!

i eat nothing. i’m too tired when i wake up to eat. i just change or shower and go to work. i’ll eat on my breaks a work though.

first i shoryuken
then i usually shower and have cereal

Just finished eatin’ some Cream of Wheat and eggs. Since I’ve been working out a lot this month, its hard to skip breakfast. I’m a big boy now. :bgrin:

If I have time it’s usually oatmeal with a teaspoon of sugar, cinammon and nutmeg for taste with Coffee and a banana.

If I’m running late it’s an espresso or cappuccino with a breakfast bar.

apple,banana,straberries,blueberries,spinach, carrots,v8 juice and milk, whey protein, maybe an egg,nuts, plain oatmeal, maybe a few other random fruits or veggies and blend that shit

Protein shake w/tablespoon of coffee…weights or running a half hour later.

I usually eat cereal. When I’m out of cereal or milk, I’ll eat toast or fruit if I have any of that. I usually have my breakfast with OJ. I never drink coffee for breakfast; in fact, I don’t drink coffee too often.

i use to not eat breakfast due to circumstance, environment situation and lack of knowledge, Now It a MOST because i now know the importance of keeping one self healthy and general mental well being
right now i am eating :razzy::coffee:

I always eat breakfast, I don’t drink coffee though. Eggs or cereal for breakfast almost everyday.

Used to have sex, but now that I’m single I just jack off in the mornings, then have breakfast!

Sometimes i get waken to an occassional rub & tug…But damn i live them morning BJ’s, sadly it only happens on special occassions like my Birthday, Fathers day, etc…

As for my daily morning routine, i usually pee, shit, usually both at the same time…I then brew up a pot of coffee while my asian wife prepares my breakfast. I then go to SRKGD/HD remix section until asian wife is done with breakfast. After meal we have sex depending on what time she works. That’s pretty much how i wake every morning.

My breakfast consists of 2 breakfast muffins from Burger King everyday I have school (3x a week), and the rest of the week I’ll just sleep in.

I mix it up between wake up reversal and crouching tech, sometimes a back dash. Crouching block is also a good option. If they get overhead happy then I’ll stand block or even wake up ultra

I have a cup of coffee or two and a few cigarettes. I put two teaspoons of sugar and some hazlenut creamer in my coffee.

I eat breakfast every morning, usually a couple of eggs with milk. I don’t drink coffee.