How do you think usernames will work in SFV?

SFV will be allowing crossplay between PS4 and PC, so I was wondering how usernames would work. Obviously you can’t have the PS4 users using their online names and the Steam users using their online names or else there could potentially be people with the same usernames playing on SFV. I think the most plausible solution would be the implementation of a username service in the Capcom Fighters Network.
Thoughts? If I’m not aware of something, let me know.

It could require users to link their PSN accounts with Steam. This already exists thanks to Portal 2.

I think it would just be a Playstation or a PC logo next to the username. They are obviously going to make this as streamlined as possible. The idea of CFN is reasonable if they are going for a shared account.

Maybe you have to create a CFN account. I wonder if you will need PS+ to play SF5 online on PS4?

Most likely, you need it for everything else. I think the beta being free was just to get as many people possible to try it.

You will need PS+. Online is only free on PS4 if a game is beta or F2P.