How do you stop El Fuerte

everytime i play against a el fuerte all they do is attack me on my waking up its dumb and i dont know anyway of beating it. if i try and dash behind me he will throw me and when i jump he hits me with his splash attack. in pokemon splash was the worst attack in the game, in street fighter 4 it seems unbeatable what do i do?

Just to be able to give you more precise advice, who do you play as?

As soon as I see a Fuerte run in with has habanero dash, I know he setting up for his splash, command grab or slide. So what I do is either a back hk or nuetral hk to stuff his splash and command grab. As for his slide, it’ll whiff. I try not to go toe to toe with fuertes unless i’ve established the fact that hes not going to just be able to rush in with a habanero dash without setup.

Chances are the splash attack is hitting you as a cross over attack. Either that or you are crouching.

Not sure how well versed you are in Streetfighter so I’ll explain it as fully as I can (sorry it sounds patronising):

A cross over attack is one which hits behind your opponents block, like Ryu’s, so you need to be pushing in the direction your character is facing to block it (in other words, the opposite way to what you would normally push to block).

I’m not a Fuerte player, so I may be wrong, but I know the splash can hit you when you are crouching, so make sure you block while standing up. A good Fuerte player will keep you guessing, so be prepared if you block it a couple of times to be tortilla’d!

Also, depending on who you play as, check out the individual character threads in the SFIV Forums, as they have hints/tips/advice on fighting each character.

Hope that was some help :slight_smile:

You have many options against Fuerte, you just are unaware!

Try these various things:
Focus Attack on wakeup (you can absorb splash attacks and counter attack accordingly)
Jump on wakeup (this will avoid grab attacks and slides)
backdash on wakeup (if the positioning of the Fuerte is poor this is just as good as using FA)

All these things can counter Fuerte’s various movies, other characters such as Balrog can completely escape any type of Fuerte wakeup attack. Characters with teleports on wakeup can also mess up Fuerte plays, though they can be punished at the right distance.

Hope this helps you out.

Here have this incredibly detailed thread dedicated to beating El Fuerte with a variety of other characters.

The key is to think outside the run amigo.

On a serious note, it’s all about anticipation. Don’t try to stop it unless you fear being chipped to death. block high (or focus) for splash attack and low for splash throw or slide.

Random FAs will eat splash and slides. Of course, he beats that with tortillas and fajita busters so toss out less focus if that particular player is more likely to do these moves. Fuerte has crappy health so even if you guess wrong with your focus once or twice, you can afford to guess wrong way more than he can.

If his timing is good you can’t do anything against splashes other than block or focus. The question here is “are you fighting smart el fuerte players?”

If they are smart, there is no one answer for this question, but if they are intermediate and don’t have stellar execution, Fuerte is hard to win with. Jump back kick works wonders against middle of the road Fuertes. Try to bait him into doing a run+slide. If he’s not super smart, he’ll use run+fk slide (as opposed to run, stop, cr. FK), which is roughly +10 million billion frames on block.

I just recommend playing AS El Fuerte.