How do you record your matches?

So I had recorded a few matches last night for the first time. I didn’t want to put my cam on a tripod in front of the TV for a couple of reasons

  1. Bad quality audio
  2. Background noises will be picked up

There would also be not so great video and the possibility of someone walking in front of the cam.

[media=youtube]Ggn5Hfa4z4M"[/media] of the matches I got last night. It was captured in SD.

What I had to do was connect my PS3 directly to my camera via RCA’s then my cam was connected to my MAC via firewire for the live feed. Originally, I was planning on using the live feed while playing my matches but that is where the problem is. I was able to get the live feed to work and obviously the recording but the live feed was a little off so I had to play off of my cam’s little LCD.

I guess I could just get a splitter cable and split the video to the cam and a TV but that might degrade the video and I am wondering what everyone else has tried.

Ultimate goal is to record as HD and still be able o play without having to use the cam’s LCD.

I am not very good with machine. Can u share some pic on what kind of wired to use??? I am kind of bad with names and cable.

There is a thread for everything, just look around!!!

I recently got myself a Canon PowerShot SD780 IS which is capable of recording videos at 780p so I mainly use that along with a miniature tripod which looks something like this:

I have a table really close to the TV so I use that for elevation and then I just zoom it until I find a position that I like.

The quality isn’t all to bad in terms of visuals. The audio is okay as long as the TV is loud enough so that the camera can pick up the sound. Background noise could possibly be a foreseeable problem, but I haven’t had any problems with it since the matches I record are usually with my friends. If anything, listening to our reactions in the background is partly what makes the video amusing sometimes so I’ll let it slide for now. The end result looks something like this:


It isn’t anything stellar, and I personally find your method to be far more effective if quality is what you’re shooting for. However, I’m not really all that crazy about it and as long as the stuff I record is watchable, I’m more than happy about it.

The video recorded with your camera was very good. There were some minor white balance issues at first but it looks like the camera compensated for it after a few seconds.

Thanks, I’m glad you think so.

Yeah, I noticed that as well. I also have to make sure that the image is focused prior to hitting the record button since there’s the occasional time when it has trouble focusing on the TV properly during transitions in the game and what not. I’ve had some recordings where the whole match was out of focus. But overall, I think it gets the job done fairly nicely =)

Besides the white balance and the little exposure issue in the scene transitions, that was pretty good.

I know what you mean about having the audience reaction. It would be good like at a face to face tourney. But with it being online, I don’t think you would like to hear my baby crying in the backround lol.

I guess I am just getting too anal about this. It just would be great to be able to capture the a/v in full quality and still be able to play without having to stare at my cam’s LCD screen.

Maybe some settings need to be tweeked?
Anyone with a Sony HDR-FX1 ever do it this way?

What sort of TV/audio hookups do you have? I know on mine if I wanted to I could just record the TV with the camera and jack an audio line out into the camera from either the TV or amp. That way you only record that game audio while the cam records the TV.