How do you react so fast with El Fuerte (aka Muscle Memory)?

i can say that i’m past the basic stage with Fuerte, i can do his moves, land the Ultra from a jump with at least 75% success, can bait using the run-stop, and can also execute the RSF more often than not. I also am learning his wakeup moves and mixups. That said, offensively i think im still a work in progress, but can be ranked at least average nonetheless.

the only thing that keeps me from breaking the intermediate level with him is my defense. i absolute SUCK with him in defending, which is very very bad in his case because he doesn’t have enough HP to block all the time. The one thing that always bothers me is how slow my reaction time was to someone who is jumping towards me. I’m at awe at guys like TKD, Tetsu, and other guys who can easily detect a jumping attack that they simply run back and hit c.FP with perfect execution (including when to stop the run so the c.FP is in perfect position), while me, i can’t even time the guacamole right. It always comes out late, and it’s not because of the input delay.

I know that with Fuerte, it’s his offense that becomes his defense, but I’d like to know what to do when im in a defensive position, so that I have an answer to everything the opponent throws at me.

Some pointers on zoning would also be great, as im still not sure what distance i should play Fuerte in.

tl;dr: Please give me some pointers or muscle memory stuff on how i can predict my opponents moves and defend well accordingly with Fuerte, specially against jumping attacks. Some zoning tips are also greatly appreciated.

play more matches.

if you’re having trouble with anti-air timing, start with cr. HP. best bet when it comes to AA, plus all you have to do is press one button on reaction. once you get comfortable with that, use some lk or ex guac throws. get that shoto AA uppercut timing out of your system when playing fuerte.

Agreed, Fuerte actually has FIVE different anti-air options. The easiest by far is cr.HP as mentioned in the above post, very effective. Then you would want to start learning the timing for the guac leg throw, with the EX version as well since it can catch jumping opponents even furthur in the air. Best way you can learn the timing for guac is you go to training mode, and record a constantly jumping CPU, and then play it back and try to catch him, practice that for a while and your muscle memory should improve.

The third antiair option is the air-throw, u can try and just jump at them and airthrow them to get out of pressure, just try and practice it as well. Then comes the one you mentioned, its a more advanced one but its by far one of the most effective tools Fuerte has. Use the same timing for an ultra for a jumping opponent, and then run back and tortilla to land right on thier head when they reach the ground. Again, do the record and playback in training to help memorize the timing. Finally, the fifth antiair options is… the ULTRA! you seem to be comfortable with this one, just practice it more and you should bring up your 75% success rate even higher. good luck with that.

Oh, and if you want to escape from a jump without countering, try and slide right beneath it to go to the other side of the screen and then run far back to get some space. I use this a lot to get out of corners.

I’m more of a turtle Fuerte. Almost all his moves are made to punish. It isn’t like a fireball, which is very aggressive, or a dash attack, it’s all evade and punish aggressive players.

Not to say you should be all defense, but it should be a large part of your game. Seriously, how many times have you lost a match due to dropping or setting up the RSF or being too aggressive with oki-wakeup games?

Lastly, I’m not uber-pro, but I tend to do fairly decent on defense (compared to offense), so here’s a few tips:

-Online isn’t your friend. It’s going to be very hard trying to react and play smart when there’s even the slightest lag. If you can find even a reliable green bar, low low lag, SRK buddy for a couple hundred matches, it’ll help.

-Though Elf’s normals are slow, difficult to link, and could almost be done with out, learn them. I’ve literally beat down shotos (granted, fairly crappy ones) with only cr.HP. That move is amazing. It’ll beat a lot of moves, and even a quick punish if you can’t pull out something fancy in time. It works great as an AA, but not super reliable, unless you got them cornered and they’re jumping around. Standing HK is great too. Even a couple jabs that fail to link can become a tick throw into tortilla. cr. MK is probably my most used normal… I use it at the end of their blockstrings to say “fuck off”.

-Try run stopping every wake up. See what they’ll give you out of all the baits and faints for a whole match.

-Instead of guac, try air throws.

-Do wall jumps while holding back, to feint a move out of them.

-Learn more ultra setups. Elf is a punish ultra, learn the jump angle, ultras, and specials that he beats.

wow, thanks for the advice guys. i really appreciate it.

anyway, i find c.HP successful in some form, but my problem lies when opponents jump near me, or crosses me up, or has a weird jump. I can’t react on time to run back and do c.HP, but i guess i’ll follow Densuo’s advice to play some more matches.

anyways, i’ll keep all your pointers in mind. thank you very much!

what ive noticed so far with fuerte is, if your playing a character with a higher jump, use the HK guac throw… lower arc use LK guac…MK i barely use, but when I do its because characters like bison or viper are jumping at me, espescially when viper Super Jumps, but otherwise, EX-guac is the way to go

Your avatar is great and the sound from it is from this video my friend and I made.

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If you’re playing online, then don’t feel lost. I can’t even react to shit online. Run back hp tortilla (just run back a lot if you suspect a jump) or EX run back into tortilla work well for close jump-ins/crossups.

Personally, I don’t react to stuff very fast, but I fool people into thinking I have crazy reflexes by reading them. A lot of the seemingly amazing Fuerte stuff is actually more about anticipating the opponent and moving to counter him before you even see the move happen.

That means you basically have to know every other character, not just Fuerte.

Yo, intangiblz, thats some hot advice right there, and very true.

I played this guy last night, FIRST NIGHT playing Fuerte. I’m enjoying it. But I had a hard time against this guy who picked Honda. Just…I because easy to read…(When I jump, my wake up game, etc etc). He abused this. But i always could abuse his jump in’s because I said “okay…hes gonna be here, i gotta ultra then…BAM!” Profit…