How do you make animated avatars?

I want to start making animated avatars. What are some programs for doing that. Also, what are some good image-hosting sites? Help is greatly appreciated. If you help me out and I get good at it, I’ll hook you up with an avatar!

I use ImageReady(comes with Photoshop) to animate my avs, I think it works pretty good. I also have Macromedia Fireworks; it looks similar to ImageReady and you can make avs with that too. Theres also free programs on the internet that can get the job done, just look for a program that animates .gif files.

IMO… use photoshop to create the frames and use Gif Animator 5 for the animation. Image ready is good, but sometimes simpler is better…

What program did you use to make your avatar change images like that?

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use lunix