How do you land lp>hp?

When I use arcade stick I try to double plink it by going something like hp, mp, lp (in case I press mp too early). Seems to help me somewhat, but I’m not so used to plinking …

Just takes practice, man. What I do is input the HP right before the LP recovers. You honestly don’t NEED to plink it, it’s very possible without doing so but if you are plinking you’ll only really need to plink it with MP, You don’t have to double plink.

Damn, I keep losing to mediocre online players when using Gen 'cause I can’t consistently nail his bnb and Ryu mashing dp will deal as much damage as an entire punish does for Gen. Shotos vs Gen just seems so braindead. And I’m no bad player, either. I can hold my own against 5000PP players with Blanka, but mashers hurt Gen because he really has no reliable bnbs apart from 1-framers.

You should be winning these “mediocre online players” with footsies anyways. That is where he (extremely) excels at (imo). No need to rely on his 1-frame bnbs

I definitely don’t think Gen excels “extremely” in the footsie department against Ryu. Not by a long shot. That being said, it is extremely important to be able to capitalize on jump-ins. Playing passively all match isn’t always the best idea. Ending combos in Gekiro is superior since it provides another pressure opportunity.

To add to what others said - practice, I learned that shit the hard way - without the plinking, and I still miss it sometimes online so that’s normal. Also you can capitalize on your jump in by just hit confirming from target combo, you don’t need to go lk lp target combo but rather go target combo see if it hits, if it doesn’t either do nothing or hands, if it does do a gekiro or hands fadc/super. That way you get more damage and dont have to worry about missing your link.