How do you guys make an arcade stick case?

I’ve got my plans and parts all ready to be ordered, but there’s one problem…how will I make a case? I really don’t wanna have to buy a DIY case because of the high price but I wanted to know how you guys make your arcade stick cases. Give some pics and tuts if you can, thanks.

Thanks for that link Rosser. I’m that with a little searching in yard sales, I can find the heavy equipment I will want for the box. If I ever want to wire a controller myself, I know I can get it from here. :tup:


Other than making your own case from scratch, you can always search for older-style joysticks and just refurbish those.
Lots of people have put higher-quality parts into old Hori Fight Sticks, Dreamcast Agetec joystick cases, the old Hori Namco Joystick, and so on.

Very often people have gotten lucky and found any of these joysticks for a fraction of original/new price. People have bought old sticks like the Hori Tekken 10th Anniversary Joystick for $20 or less. That stick in particular is great for learning to mod joysticks and has the same base that the old-style HRAP 1/2/3 joysticks used. Plenty of interior room for most Japanese parts and custom or mass-market PCBs.

I make arcade stick cases with a set of tools and supplies that cost about $1000 to $2000

So long as the case is quality and around $100-$200 you are saving yourself both time and money from spending the more on the amount on tools and weeks of time ending up with a beginner quality arcade stick.

If you are on a budget, I would suggest that you either pick up a tek case from
or if you want something more solid, you go with what ever foehammer they have on focus-attack.

I would highly recommend the TEK Case. It’s definitely a great place to start if you’re on a budget. The $58 starting price is something to take advantage of considering that the cost of all of your other parts and tools could reach $200+. The main difference with this stick compared to other traditional sticks is that it’s very lightweight. That can be countered with the optional weight slots. Also, the stick is clear, so investing the time in clean wiring may be obligatory. But then again, that also can be countered by ordering non-transparent pieces and/or artwork.

Shameless stick promotion.

EDIT: Here’s the thread: Art’s Hobbies - DIY Acrylic Cases

Unless you are interested in building cases, you’d better buy an already made one and mod it.
It will be way cheaper than buying materials, equipment, and you may (almost certainly) have to buy lots of additional stuff because your plans were erroneous or simply changed . You start with a budget of 150 $ and end up paying 250 $ .

your case was fantastic
take a look at mine

blogger link
blogger: geekstuffHD

In the name of fight sticks this case is A must for every pro fighter
Your easy guide to build your own arcade fight stick

tek-innovations offers great Acrylic joystick case with wide color palette to choose from mix and match and you’re good to go. However this case is not practical for reopening and fixing something somehow you will feel like breaking it especially when the acrylic make squeaky noises but trust me it’s not going to break. I recommend building with this case if you are knowing what you are doing like buying arcade parts or crimping some connectors, however this matter is subjective to persons knowledge or background in-building geek stuff.

game play review:
on a table or desk this case work perfectly well the rubber grommets provided was excellent. on lap the Acrylic somehow dose not feel right but don’t get me wrong the case is solid when it’s all together in one pace it dose not squeak or bend down.

i was shocked when i first played my ultra street fighter 4 game on PC there is no delay on miss pressed button !. the generic PCB from Aliexpress promised zero delay and it did. to put this in easy way it is faster then my qanba q2 pro. i was able to fit 20 feet printer cable with no problem. i recommend buying this PCB instead of the PS360+ if you are playing on PC only like me because this PCB worked with all my games on steam.


  • case $75
  • joustic and buttons $45
  • PCB $12
  • neutrik usb A/B $8

total $140 worth it

Parts used in this build:

  • generic usb joystick PCB
  • 22 AWG cables
  • 110 quick disconnect terminal
  • xh 2.54mm 2pin connector
  • xh 2.54mm 4pin connector
  • xh 2.54mm 5pin connector
  • crimping tool sn-28B
  • Pet cable sleeving and heat shrinks
  • Philips screwdriver scissor
    In case if you lose any screw these are the screw sizes for the case build:
  • 8-32 Thread 3/4 length pen head
  • 6-32 Thread 1/2 length pen head
  • 6-32 Thread 1/2 length flat head
  • 8-32 hex nut and 6-32 hex nut

helped in making case:

future builds coming soon
let me know what do you think in the comments
talk to you gays in the next one peace

case gallery:

  • name plate

October 2015

This is how

Don’t forget “the Cheese and Butter”.

Hey guys where can I find an arcade stick case? I’m stuck in between a rock & a hard place now. I have no choice except either build my own stick, get a Qanba Dragon (which I wouldn’t be able to make any art), or get the Hori Arcade Premium. I wanted to see how much would it be to build my own since I’m not feeling the TE2 before I decided to get a new stick.

@b15sdm @“Jasen Hicks” those guy make some of the best case in the game.

@TKD Hwoarang This Video is by far one of the best

Canadian joysticks also has the qanba q3 wooden cases back in stock witch are very nice.

You can try finding some sturdy arcade stick sized boxes, like a wood cigar box, and drill some holes in em if you’re strapped for cash.

Or hit up Ikea:

Hit up @Allfightsticks for metal cases too. Great quality, and tons of configuration options!
I’ve bought three already. Last two cases I got have clear plexi window options to show off wiring work.
First case I built for a friend. Pics HERE.

Allfightsticks’ FB page is linked at bottom of gallery

Well if ur super cheap, or poor student like me on trash nite walk around or bike around ur hood. U will find some wood and box to make ur case… Drill some holes drop in the part n you can be on ur way to be hadoken master… of course it doesnt have cute pretty art work. But when u lay the combo upon their ass online they dont need to know if ur case is cute or what not… i was going to apply polyurethane or buy a plastic sheet from ikea but that will cost money… i jus wait for some nice quality wood to make a new surface… Jus dont be cheap on the parts… button n joystick i went with sanwa… i will post side shot later … as for weight issue i jus stack another piece of wood on the bottom… cost of material is free… the holes ? I made from eye balling didnt bother to measure or print out a layout… how does it play ? This stick is a beast i perfer this over some stick i brought on ebay for sixty bucks … its ship from china and its light as hell that thing fly all over the place in the heat of battle… the suction cup at the bottom dont help…

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Dood, 5 dollar aluminum carrying cases aren’t hard to find and looks better than plywood stolen from a construction site.
RosserRooster posted a link to all you need to know on POST #2 of this thread.