How do you guys contend with shotos

i’ve been reading stuff here since 2 months ago and i can do the partitioning and unblockables a bit better now. but somehow when i go up against them shotos on arcades i get my ass handed down.

Cr.RH and jumping RH on wake up seems to much for me. People say i need to polish my parrying skills but without parrying is there no hope? I find myself being pushed into corners by shotos in almost every game. the best poke i can think of is standing Fierce. my only escape against shoto corner abuse is a lucky kneedrop to the other side or the occasional forward dash.

*p.s. and how do u guys do the hopping elbow? not the jump LP but the one where urien hops to just barely jump over low attacks. thanks. (noob here)

The leap attack/Universal Overhead is always mp+mk.

Your pokes can be found in the sticky footgames thread here.

Fortunately Urien doesn’t seem as parry dependent as other characters. You really need to parry jump ins and do chp, but since your punishment options from most ground parries are pretty limited, you can do a bit more blocking.

I definitely think it depends on your personal style, but for me, landing the unblockables, flashy setups, and big difficult combos is only a component of a well balanced ground/zoning game.

yes very true. i find it hard to set up for unblockables on shotos since they usually have counters for my initial attacks and not to mention i’m almost always on the corners. well thanks anyways i guess i’ll have to work on my footies.

Yeah. I think a lot of new school players focus much too hard on the advanced things and leave out the basics. That’s what old players have as an advantage over the new guys in some way, because the basics used to be all that we had.

I would suggest trying to win without your aegis-es sometime as a handicap, especially if you have a friend who runs a Shoto. You will probably get curbstomped, but you’ll probably learn quite a bit as well. A lot of the time I play my friend Tom in ST, so that he can get better and I can learn something new, I won’t utilize my tick throws at every opportunity… that’s the point of casual play, experimenting. I also won’t use my solid defensive play, and I go for huge risks. From not ticking/playing my normal zoning game, I’ve had to use other stuff on (for example) wakeups and learned quite a bit from that. Sometimes you play all out serious, other times you have to take the time to try something out, I’d try to play a little without the super or learn a game where pokes are the primary thing.

Some people might say I’m wrong, but not using all my weapons at times has helped more than I even know.

Oh and try to mask what you’re doing so that your opponent doesn’t know that you’re “sandbagging” because then the quality of your matches will degenerate.

I’m confused…ur opponents are c.RH and j.Rh you on wakeup? This doesn’t make sense to me.